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  • A Spring Break Style “Thank You”

    With our spring fundraiser having come to a close March 6, and final donation calculations coming in, it is time for a simple thank you.

    From beach bum, chill jams, to stringy mountain tunes, we brought our favorites in spring break mixtape songs, while encouraging listeners to give us a call and make a donation, big or small.

    Beyond special programming, we also offered the opportunity to support us through events such as our kickoff dance party at Breaker’s, acoustic night at Red Door Tavern, percent night at Mellow Mushroom and closing show at Foxfield Bar & Grille.

    Between called-in, mailed and online donations, plus all of our events, we made about $4,000 in the week, bringing us just about $500 shy of our $13,000 yearly budget!

    On behalf of everyone at WUSC, I’d like to extend a hearty “thank you” for each and every dollar given to us–both in this fundraiser and beyond. With operating costs rising, equipment falling apart and updates being needed, our biannual fundraisers are what keep us going year after year.

    I invite you to please continue supporting us to see all the wonderful ways your dollars make an impact on WUSC!



    Kate Appelbaum

    Station Manager



    It’s midterm week. The professors have unloaded mountains of papers, presentations, and exams upon us. Along with this, it is cold outside, forcing us to have no excuse to stay inside and study. It is my last semester here at USC, meaning that my mountain of work due is humongous, which means that I should be spending my time thinking about the different facets of negotiation between cultures or the marketing funnel. However, all that is on my mind is the mammoth of a week that I am going to be experiencing in Austin, TX while attending South By Southwest, one of the biggest music festivals in the world (if not the biggest).

    I was lucky enough to win a Music Badge to SXSW this year through Team Clermont and I quickly assembled a team to join me on my adventure to Austin. We are rolling deep, a group of 5 representing WUSC, which will be absolutely necessary in order to experience as many aspects of SXSW as we can. The thing is, I am probably going to see about 5% of the things that I want to see at the festival, if not less than that. There is just so much to do. First off, there are over 1000 “official” SXSW acts that spend the evenings playing at a number of showcases, such as the NPR Showcase next Wednesday featuring Damon Albarn, St. Vincent and Eagulls, one of my most anticipated events. However, there are 10 other great acts playing at the same time including Stepdad and Macauley Culkin’s new band The Pizza Underground. Normally, this type of festival would create extreme fear of missing out for many, but after talking to many people who experienced SXSW in years past, I have decided to pick a number of bands that I really want to see and try my hardest to see them, then go with the flow for the rest of the time.

    The way SXSW works is extremely different from other festivals. Many of the official showcases require that you have a badge or wristband to get in (unless you want to line for ages only to get turned away), but there are just as many day parties/showcases that only require a RSVP beforehand to get in. For example, the mobile event app Applauze is hosting a number of showcases and parties throughout the festival; at least one a day. Their main event on Monday at the Scoot Inn is chock full of massive artists such as MS MR, Charli XCX (check out her new collab with Iggy Azalea), Robert Delong, among others. In order to get into this event, you have to download Applauze from the app store and RSVP on the app itself. Regardless of whether you’re attending SXSW or not, I highly recommend this app; it’s a good one. Along with their main event, they are going to have many others at the Casa de Applauze featuring free food, drinks, and bands such as Jordan Klassen, To Kill A King, and The Family Crest.

    The Fader Fort is another major event at SXSW. It is extremely hard to get into one of their day parties, as they have gotten bigger and bigger every year. So far, the lineup boasts artists such as Sam Smith (one of my must-sees), Little Dragon, Chromeo, Glass Animals, and a many more incredible acts. The fact of the matter is that pretty much every party or showcase has at least one or two amazing bands featured as there is so much talent packed into the city for the week. Other exciting events include the Spotify House (Hozier, Phantogram, Real Estate), Hype Hotel (Tokyo Police Club, Wye Oak,  SOHNanother one of my priorities), and the Harvest Showcase (Arthur Beatrice, The Preatures, Banks). As you can see, it is rather overwhelming, but exciting and crazy at the same time. Also, the MTVu Woodie Awards will be taping in Austin during this time, which is a big deal for WUSC as we have been nominated for an award. If we win, our station will be represented on stage at the awards show and receive the award for Best College Radio Station. Be sure to vote for us at

    I could write for ages on how excited I am for next week, but I should probably get back to the work that I have to finish before our trip begins. We will be regularly updating WUSC’s social media (Twitter & Facebook) with live tweets, videos, pictures, and more so be sure to keep an eye out for that. If you’re interested in heading to Austin for spring break/the festival, all the information you need can be found at SXSW’s website.

    By Rupert Hudson

  • Festival Recap: Bonnaroo 2013

  • WUSC Listenership Survey (Closed)

    it's survey time goofy

    WUSC is interested to see what our listeners love about our station and what suggestions they may have for improving it. If you could just take a few minutes to take the survey (link below) it would mean a great deal (seriously, it will take you less than three minutes, promise). You can also share the survey with others! Feel free to share it with, but not limited to, the following:

    • Friends
    • Family
    • Pets
    • the Homeless
    • Plants
    • Bees
    • The Grand Canyon
    • Milk
    • Veterans
    • Bananananas
    • Goofy

    Your feedback is much appreciated!

    Survey Closed

  • Harlem Shake – WUSC edition

    WUSC presents

    “The Harlem Shake”

  • WUSC made it into the Top 25 College Radio Stations!

    mtvU Woodie Nominations 2013

    As many of you know, mtvU is honoring the top student run College Radio Station in the country with the College Radio Woodie Award. And WUSC made it into the Top 25! NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE. Go now to and vote for WUSC. If we win, all listeners will receive free high fives* from the WUSC staff.


    there can be only one highlander wusc

    *High fives cannot be exchanged for cash or sold to third parties.

  • WUSC is giving away FREE Bassnectar tickets!

    Bassnectar is performing at the Township Auditorium in Columbia on May 8, 2013 and wouldn’t you know it, WUSC got its hands on some free tickets! As much as we’d like to keep these tickets for ourselves, that would be selfish and rude (and possibly illegal) so we’re giving them away to you! All you have to do is tune in to WUSC 90.5 FM at the times listed below and listen for your chance to call in:

    • Wednesday, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    • Friday, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • Friday, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    • Saturday, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


    *Call-ins may or may not be required to fight to death in a gladiatorial arena-style battle. Lions used at DJs discretion.

  • mtvU Woodie Nominations: Best College Radio Station 2013

    A wise man named Andy Dufresne once said, “…if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” Well, MTVU is hosting their annual Woodie Awards and we’re counting on you to help WUSC make the cut, win that cut, and then cut the rest of the competition into little pieces and consume them in front of their loved ones. Go to and fill out your name, email, and type “WUSC” in the nomination box. Then tell your friends, family, loved ones, pets, mistresses, that weird guy who drinks milk in front of the gas station, President Obama, ANYONE with an email address, to go and vote for WUSC.

    We’ve been on the airwaves in some shape or form since 1946 (that’s 66 years) but we never could have made it this far without your love and support. YOU are what drives WUSC and its DJs to do what we do every day. And we are eternally grateful. Now we’re asking you to come a little further with us. Help us to be recognized as the best.

    The WUSC Staff and DJ Body



  • Download the WUSC Training Manual

    Ok, so we were lying about the manual being autographed by Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Click here to download a copy of the 2013 WUSC Training Manual. Think of it as your DJ survival guide.

  • WUSC Training Meetings

    WUSC Training Meetings


    Training meetings for the spring semester are here! If you are interested in joining the WUSC team, please come to ALL of the following:

    January 23, 7:00 PM: Policy Meeting, Russell House Room 305
    January 30, 7:00 PM: Equipment Meeting, Russell House Room 305
    February 6, 7:00 PM: Written Test, Russell House Room 305
    February 7, 6:30 PM: Show Assignment Meeting, Russell House Room 348

    It is highly important you come to all of the meetings mentioned above. If these times do not work for you, please contact one of the official WUSC staff members listed on our contacts page. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Consider “The Source”

    English professor and fellow WUSC DJ Bob Brinkmeyer was featured in the news today! Check out the link here! Bob’s show “The Source: The Best in African Music” airs on WUSC each Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • WUSC Supports Local Musicians!

    WUSC Supports Local Musicians!

    Sarah Clanton Schaffer, formerly of O Mello Cello Tree and Adele Cotton, is an incredible artist from upstate South Carolina. She visited the station in the summer of 2011 and has since started work on her album. She just met her fundraising goal for the project, so if you like soulful female singers, crazy guitar moves, or think that cellos are sexy, keep an ear out for this girl.

    Check out Sarah’s kickstarter here.

  • NEW Death of Paris Music Video!

    Death of Paris


    For more information on Death of Paris, click here.

  • Fall Fundraising Week is Almost Upon Us!

    Fundraising Week is BACK, BABY!


    Be sure to tune in to your favorite shows to donate! Or you can donate online here (and write if off on your taxes!)


    Included below are just a few events we’ll be participating in. Anyone and everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to attend!

    Thursday 10/25 WUSC Rave To The Grave at The Library in Five Points 10PM

    Friday 10/26 Greene St Bake Sale and surprise performance- time TBA

    Saturday 10/27 WUSC and New Brookland Tavern present: Malmuk, Lamb Handler, and The Losos 9:30PM

    Sunday 10/28 Day Show at El Burrito (bands TBA) 1PM

    Wednesday 10/31 Zombie Walk from Russell House Patio to percent night at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Meet at the Russell House Patio at 5:30PM for zombie makeup.

  • Training Manuscript

    Traning Manual WUSC 2013

  • Folkcycle Fest Pt. 2: Burrito Boogaloo!

    After great anticipation, we have revived The great FolkCycle festival from years past.
    This will take place at El Burrito from 1pm to 10 pm that night!

    Junior Astronomers
    The Get Wets
    The Choir Quit
    Sea Wolf Mutiny
    Outdoor Protestant Blues Band
    Dear Blanca
    Damian Herring
    Ascension Island Radio
    Camilo, Justin, & Mason from Comedy Is Your Friend
    A Puppet Play Performed By Miss Ohio, Nameless
    Regina Ferguson

    Starting at 2pm ending at 10pm
    Exact Schedule will be announced soon!

    $5 for 21+/ $7 for under 21

  • Tonight’s the night!

    We’ve got a show at Conundrum and we hope all of you can come out to see this awesome local lineup.

    Here’s the lineup

    Uncle Charlie
    Dear Blanca
    Pale Face
    Cameron Gardener Trio feat. Dylan and Dayne
    Elvis Depressedly

    Doors at 8 PM

    It’s only $5 for over 21 and $7 for under. If we raise more than enough to go to the musicians, the rest will benefit the station for fundraising purposes! A great way to show support is to come out to our show, and enjoy top-notch local music with us. We dont bite!


    We’re closing in on it quickly! It’s 2012 folks, so WUSC won’t be holding back at all. We’re looking to do this fundraiser as big as we’ve ever done in recent years because the world as we know it could fall apart any moment. We’ll be playing 24 hours of our DJ’s favorites, so we’ll post a schedule of that content up soon! Click our banner to see the posters for our events series!

  • After Great Anticipation …

    WUSC’s new website is here!  We’ll be updating the different types of content this site will host relating to the station over the next few weeks but we hope you enjoy the new look!

    – Management