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  • A Special Thank You


    This week wrapped up WUSC’s bi-annual Fundraiser. Each semester, we endeavor to raise half of the money necessary to pay our $14,000 licensing fees. We do this through donations, fundraiser events, and underwriting. As Station Manager and on behalf of everyone at WUSC, I want to express a hearty thank you for all of the calls, letters, and online visits we’ve received in the past week. Our events saw huge turn outs, and Fundraiser Week proved to be a great way to welcome our newest recruits to the station. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, money, and support to our humble college radio this week.

    As many of you probably heard throughout the week, WUSC is more than just a platform for broadcasting great music. We bring students, faculty, and alumni together. We conduct interviews, cover special topics, and bring you the news. This semester has seen the greatest changes in WUSC, along with some of the most exciting additions. With a staff change halfway through the year, this semester has proved challenging. We lost our beloved Director of Student Media, Scott Lindenberg, in September to the Treasury Department. Our devoted graduate assistant Rachael also moved on once her studies came to an end in December. With a reduced staff, our executive body has had to adapt to new roles, take on fresh duties, and work harder than ever. The addition of 25 new faces to our body this semester helped counter these losses, and help make our jobs that much more fun. We trained the newest DJs in February, and were happy to welcome them to the fold this past week.

    Throughout Fundraiser Week, our old and new DJs alike brought you their favorite “Spring Break Mixtapes.” As you could probably tell, each DJ brought a different spin on this theme, and exemplified the diversity of tastes we’re proud to represent. Campus radio may be a mixed bag, with jostling music genres and personalities, but it’s a community nonetheless. I am proud to be at the head of WUSC, and am so pleased to recognize how much the station means to not only those who work for it, but to the listeners as well.

    The steps we’ve taken to reach our $14,000 goal have been great indeed thanks to your help, but we still have a long way to go. We’ve raised a little more than half of our total, and with only two months left in the semester, it will be a feat to meet the final figure. If you have not donated yet, please consider doing so, either online or by mail. You can learn more about how to donate and the steps involved on our donation page. If you have donated, I encourage you to share this letter and promote the work that WUSC currently does and hopes to continue doing for many years to come. If you operate a Columbia-area business and have not spoken with our Public Affairs office about an underwriting contract, they can be reached at and would be happy to set up an arrangement.

    We rely on our community to support us and keep us thriving, and your help does more than just keep us on the air. WUSC was my first true home at the University of South Carolina. My show, Dress Up, has been a wonderful outlet for my passion and musical interests. The same can surely be said for any DJ on WUSC, and without you, our home in campus radio is lost. To those of you who have stuck by us from the beginning, we cherish your listenership and support. And to those of you who are future donors, partners, or listeners, I hope you come to see what makes us so special.

    Thank you for reading, sharing, and donating.

    Humbly yours,
    Ari Station Manager
    Ari Robbins
    WUSC Station Manager and DJ Paper Doll

  • WUSC to host College Radio Countdown on mtvU tonight at 6:00!

    In case you haven’t heard, WUSC is hosting mtvU’s College Radio Countdown tonight. And in case you don’t know what that is, per mtvU’s website:

    “College Radio Countdown gives college radio stations across the country the opportunity to call out their favorite videos on mtvU. From 90’s rap to brand new indies, each week a different station plays the 10 songs that best represent their vibe.”

    So yeah, this is gonna be awesome. We’ve got a sick video showcasing a bunch of WUSC DJs and staff being awesome in addition to a lineup of pretty stellar music videos, so tune in live or check out the video below if you just can’t wait. You can also visit the WUSC College Radio Countdown page on mtvU, you know, just because.

    Oh and Aaron Carter, if you’re reading this, WUSC’s Music Director, Rupert, wants to fight you. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Have your people call our people. (803) 777-5124



    The Countdown

    10. Between The Buried & Me Alaska
    9. SBTRKT Wildfire
    8. Best Coast The Only Place
    7. Crystal Fighters You & I
    6. Johnny Flynn Kentucky Pill
    5. Little Green Cars The John Wayne
    4. Battles Ice Cream
    3. Danny Brown Grown Up
    2. Stepdad Must Land Running
    1. Toro y Moi So Many Details

  • Meet and Greet with Man Overboard

    WUSC & Pop Punk Not Collars presents

    “Meet and Greet with Man Overboard”

  • Percent Night at Mellow Mushroom

    mellow mushroom percent night 5

    Percent Night at Mellow Mushroom!

    In the year 1729, shortly after the WUSC radio tower was erected on top of Columbia Hall, the colony of Carolina split into two independent colonies: North and South Carolina. South Carolina quickly became a beacon of civilization in the New World, prospering heavily from the fertility of the Low Country, its multitude of coastal harbors, and the several local pizza joints where farmers, laborers, and local DJs would retire after a hard days work to split a pizza and have a few brews. We here at WUSC appreciate the impact pizza had in the building of this great state, and that’s why on Monday, March 25th, we’re teaming up with Mellow Mushroom for Percent Night. All you have to do is show up, buy some food, and make sure to tell ’em WUSC sent ya, and a percentage of the profits from your meal will go directly toward funding the station that you know and love. It’s easy, patriotic, and gets you a belly full of delicious pizza.

    Mellow Mushroom is located at 1009 Gervais Street, Columbia SC 29201 in the Vista. For more information and a full menu, visit their website at Your station thanks you.

  • Harlem Shake – WUSC edition

    WUSC presents

    “The Harlem Shake”

  • WUSC made it into the Top 25 College Radio Stations!

    mtvU Woodie Nominations 2013

    As many of you know, mtvU is honoring the top student run College Radio Station in the country with the College Radio Woodie Award. And WUSC made it into the Top 25! NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE. Go now to and vote for WUSC. If we win, all listeners will receive free high fives* from the WUSC staff.


    there can be only one highlander wusc

    *High fives cannot be exchanged for cash or sold to third parties.

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