Welcome to the WUSC blog!
  • Clothes Sale | March 28th

    WUSC is selling our DJs gently used clothes on Greene St from 10:00-1:00!

  • Lemonade Stand | March 27th

    WUSC will be slinging Lemonade Greene St from 10:00-1:00! Come on by!

  • Cookout at The War Mouth | March 26th

    Instagram Детейлинг
    Facebook Блеск
    Instagram Автостудия Глянец
    Instagram Блеск
    Facebook Детейлинг
    Facebook Автостудия Глянец

  • WUSC at Soda City | March 25th

    Swing on by the farmer’s market and say hi to WUSC!

  • 90.5 A Space Odyssey | March 24th

    There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s WUSC. We’re kicking off our fundraiser week with the Wild Wild West meets Outer Space… and it’s not pretty. We’re giving you spunk AND spice. Come in your best alien or cowboy costume!!

    Doors: 8pm

    Cover: $6 Over 21 / $10 Under 21

    Lineup: Daddy’s Beemer, St. Jupiter, Fidelio, Ugly Chords, Dead Swells

  • Show Assignments Room 205 | February 9th 7:00-8:30PM

    You made it!!! Come to get your preferred show time slot stolen right before your eyes!

  • Written Test Room 302 | February 7th 6:00-8:00PM

    Your last step of becoming a WUSC DJ! All the answers can be found in the DJ Training Manual.

    Bring a number 2 pencil and your calculator. No formula sheets allowed. Remember the Carolina Creed and be able to recite it. We will also test your physical endurance so beef up.

  • DJ Sit-Ins & Oral Exams | January 31st-February 7th

    This is your time to protest and completely halt production with Trainee Sit-Ins!

    But not really!

    If you’re in training to be a WUSCer, this is the time to get hands-on experience in the studio. Also, study your manual, the console, and take the oral exam with an exec!

  • Training Session 2 Room 302 | January 31st from 6:00-7:00 PM

    Introduction to the Studio, Russell House Room 302

    January 31st from 6 to 7 pm!

  • Training Session 1 | January 26th from 7 to 9 PM

    Technical & Policy Training, Room 304 in Russell House

    January 26th from 7 to 9 pm!

  • Cover Show Wired Goat Vista | October 29th 5:00-10:00PM

    Our final bang of Fundraiser Week!!!! We will have six bands covering a wide variety of genres! Starts at 5, and never ends because the experience will always be with you. (It ends at 10)

  • Dance Party Breakers Bar and Grill | October 26th 10:00PM-2:00AM

    21 AND UP ONLY. Our dance party will be hosted by Breakers Bar & Grill (not Live) and Tyler Digital will DJ! Shake your bottoms and tops and buy beverages in the name of WUSC!

  • Moe’s Main Street Percent Night | October 26th 5:00-9:00 PM

    Come out and support WUSC by buying a burrito! Or a bowl! Or a taco! Or a stack! A portion of the proceeds go to us. No proceeds go to us before 5:00 PM so be prompt.

  • Bake Sale Pickens St | October 24th 12:00-2:00PM

    Walking across Pickens St on you way to class from 12-2? Or you just like walking across bridges in your free time? Come by and come buy some treats courtesy of WUSC! 12-2PM.

  • New DJ Show Assignment | Russell House 304 7-8PM

    YOU MADE IT! Started from the bottom now you’re a DJ. Congrats everyone! Come to claim your prize (a show).

    Russell House 304 from 7:00-8:00 PM

  • New DJs Written Test | Russell House 304 7-9PM

    Bring your writing utensils and prior knowledge! You’re almost done! Good luck! Go over your training manual! Be one of uuuusssss.

    Russell House 304 7:00-9:00 PM

  • In-Studio Testing

    Sign-Ups for the hands-on Studio test will be available in the Studio for the Studio testing… Studio. From September 20-26th Time TBD by You

  • WUSC Training Session 2 | Russell House 304 7:00-9:00PM

    I heard you wanna be a new DJ from the last time you were at training. This is WUSC2016 Training Part II: the Sequel We Promise It Will Be as Good as the First.

    Russell House 304 from 7:00-9:00PM

  • El Burrito Concert | September 9th

    Come out to our irresistible September showcase at El Burrito! We will be featuring three musicians: Koichi Pierce, Jonah Canepa, and Fez the Immigrant. It will be from 6:00-9:00 PM and only $5! Looking for a place to eat dinner at a Mexican diner with an easily pronounceable name? Oh, you also want to listen to live music? This is the place and time for you! Don’t miss it for nuthin.

  • Mandatory Meeting | Russell House 304 August 30, 2016 7:00-9:00PM

    The title says it all! We’re having a mandatory DJ re-training to review station policies and confirm all of you wonderful people are serious about our organization. If you miss it without an advance excuse you revoke your show for the rest of the semester. We hope we don’t see any of you go; we just deem it necessary for the great year we’re planning!

    Russell House Room 304 7:00-9:00PM August 30, 2016 AD Gregorian calendar

  • WUSC Interest Meetings | August 23, 25, 26

    All prospective DJs are welcome. Be you a USC student, undergrad, overgrad, alumnii, faculty, staff, or in any other way enrolled in USC you are welcome and able to be a WUSC DJ. Meetings are the above posted dates from 7:00-8:00PM in Russell House room 305.

  • January 31 | WUSC New DJ Training

    New DJs will be trained in a half-day orientation. The training will be held in Russell House room 305, and will run from 11am to 2pm, with time provided for lunch. Topics covered will include WUSC’s music policy, history, expectations for new DJs, and an overview of the studio equipment. Expectations for the entire training process will be laid out, as well as tips on how to prepare for the written exam that all new DJs must take to receive a show slot.

    If you are interested in becoming a DJ but cannot attend the orientation, you can email Kaylyn, the WUSC Station Manager, and arrange a time to receive all of the appropriate forms and information. Contact information is available on the website’s contact page.

  • WUSC Interest Meetings | January 19, 20, & 21

    If you’re interested in becoming a member of Student Media and WUSC, then come to one of our interest meetings to check out everything the radio station has to offer. You’ll get the chance to meet current exec members, take a tour of our music library and broadcast studio, and learn about the history of WUSC. After the interest meeting, you can decide if you’d like to train as an official WUSC DJ. Come see us at any of the dates below to see what campus radio is all about!

    Tuesday, January 19 in Russell House room 302 at 6pm
    Wednesday, January 20 in Russell House room 302 at 6pm
    Thursday, January 21 in Russell House room 304 at 7pm


    Russell House Third Floor Map:


  • October 26 to November 2 | WUSC Fall Fundraiser

    Fall Fundraiser 2015

    It’s our favorite time of the year! Halloween is upon us, and that means Fundraiser Week fast approaches. Fundraiser Week for WUSC occurs once a semester, and it is a time when listeners can call in and donate, mail in a check, or submit an online donation. WUSC is entirely listener-supported. Our Fundraiser Weeks are the only times we ask for money. All donations go towards the operations of our humble college station, from equipment costs to executive staff paychecks to printing fees.

    This semester, Fundraiser Week begins Monday, October 26th and will go through Monday, November 2nd. The theme is “Witches, Warlocks, and WUSC.” Things are going to get spooky on 90.5 FM!

    If you would like to make a donation, you may choose to call, go online, or mail in a check.
    Number to call: 803-576-9872
    Link to click: DONATE HERE
    Mail-in instructions: PLEDGE FORM

    As always, we have cool prizes for different donation levels!
    $25: a WUSC logo pen
    $50: the WUSC logo pen & a car decal
    $75: pen & decal & a WUSC bottle opener
    $100: pen & decal & bottle opener & WUSC pint glass

    You can “upgrade” any donation by $20 to receive a t-shirt! Just call in, and when a DJ asks if you would like to upgrade your donation by $20, say “Of course!” Only donors who upgrade will receive a t-shirt.

    Of course, Fundraiser Week would not be Fundraiser Week without awesome student-organized events. We have a great selection of cool things for you to attend next week.

    Events to attend:
    Bake sale on Greene Street, Monday October 26th, 11am-2pm
    Dance party at Breaker’s Live, Tuesday October 27th, 9pm until close
    Maddio’s percent night, Wednesday October 28th, 6pm-9pm
    Live music and costume competition at El Burrito, Friday October 30th, 5:30pm-10pm

    If we don’t see you at one of our Fundraiser events, we hope you find the time to donate! Happy Hallo-fundraiser-ween!

  • October 19 | WUSC Written Exam

    Tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 19, the written test will cover the training manual specifically.

    Location and time TBD.

  • September 23, 30 | WUSC Trainings


    Wednesday this week and next week will be WUSC’s training dates! Here’s the rundown:

    9/23, Russell House 302 from 7pm-8pm– Policy Meeting, where we will discuss the radio station’s conduct and music policy, our history, and expectations for first semester DJs.
    9/30, Russell House 302 from 7pm-8pm– Equipment Meeting, where hopeful DJs will receive a tour of our booth and library, as well as learn how to operate the board and other equipment in the studio.

    After three weeks of preparation, DJs will take a written exam on Wednesday, October 7th in Russell House 303 at 7pm. DJs with the highest score will receive their first pick of available time slots.

    If you cannot make one or more of the above meetings, please reach out to Kaylyn Middleton, WUSC’s Station Manager.

  • September 8, 9, 15 | Interest Meetings


    Interest meetings for possible future DJs will be held the second week of September.

    September 8: Russell House 305, 8pm
    September 9: Russell House 303, 7pm
    September 15: Russell House 303, 8pm

    If you’ve ever tuned into WUSC and been curious about what we do, or love music more than anything, or just want to saturate the airwaves with your voice, check us out!

  • August 24 | Return to Regular Semester Schedule

    The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Today marks WUSC’s return to regular semester programming, with DJs spinning their tracks in two hour blocks at all hours of the day. Make sure to keep it locked on 90.5 FM to catch shows like “Toucan Say That Again” and “Pop Punk and Pop Tarts,” and local favorites like the Columbia Beet and Blues Moon Radio. Check out our full schedule for more great offerings!

    WUSC Fall 2015 Schedule

    (* indicates a fierce competition for those slots. Stay tuned to see who will win these coveted times.)

  • April 18 | WUSC Spring Jubilee


    Once again, WUSC is hosting our annual, all-ages spring festival, this year dubbed The WUSC Jubilee. Every Spring, WUSC hosts a festival to kick off exam season (if you are a student) or just celebrate spring, good music, and good company. This event means a lot to those of us involved in the WUSC community. It symbolizes another year of accomplishments, another year older (and hopefully wiser) and another chance to hear all of our favorite local bands right before we delve back into our studies to ace those finals. Traditionally our spring festival has kicked butt, and this year will no doubt be the same. Our venue is yet again, the fantastic El Burrito. Their Saturday special is $1 tacos and $2 Coronas, and if that won’t get you out to enjoy the show, then nothing will.

    Our band line up is mostly local and consists of Watson Village, DYEL, Masonjar Menagerie, Black Iron Gathering, She Returns From War, Southern Femisphere, Ivadell, SHEHEHE, and Wasted Wine. To find more information about the bands in the line up, check out our Facebook event, where we will be revealing more information about each act as we approach the festival date.

    Entry is $8, and raffle tickets are $3. We will be giving away great raffle prizes, like t-shirts, USB car chargers, stickers, posters, and more. We will also be awarding our DJ members with their superlatives for the year, which is bound to be a good time. The music starts at noon on Saturday April 18th, and will go straight until 10pm. You won’t want to miss this extravaganza, so mark your calendars for the 18th and gear up for a great day in the sun (with tacos).

  • April 4 | Uncle Gram Tribute Show

    On Saturday, April 4th from 10am to noon, a host of WUSC DJs will be playing music to honor Uncle Gram. In light of his recent retirement, WUSC wants to give the Red Bank Bar and Grill a proper “last show.” Tune in, and call (803) 576-9872 to request your favorite Americana song.

    For more information on Uncle Gram’s retirement, visit this post.

  • February 26 to March 5 | FUNDRAISER WEEK

    WUSC Spring Fundraiser

    Fundraiser week has started again!

    Every semester, WUSC holds a fundraiser week to get the funds necessary to pay our ever-increasing licensing fees. Each semester we pick a theme, plan events, and try to get the community involved in our cause. This semester’s theme is SPRING BREAK and DJs will be spinning their favorite road trip music, getaway jams, and more.

    We’ve been named one of the top ten college stations in the country by mTV, Rolling Stone magazine has called us the reason to go to USC, and in general we think we’re pretty great. Our DJs and our support staff put in countless hours to bring you quality broadcasting 24/7. As the only non-top 40, non-commercial station in Columbia, we provide listeners with new content they won’t be able to find anywhere else on the dial. We provide talk shows, sports shows, punk, indie, and post rock shows, hip hop, live-mixing, and a constant flow of new DJ’s with new ideas and new music.

    This semester, we have highlighted free speech, brought you updates about incidents on USC’s campus, and now we’re giving you three great events to attend. We’re starting things off with our bi-annual Dance Party (hosted by Breaker’s) with Moas Collective DJ’ing for four solid hours. We’re hosting a percent night with Uncle Maddio’s, and then having an all-locals show at Tin Roof Columbia featuring Mason Jar Menagerie. Here’s the breakdown:

    Thursday, 2/26– Dance Party at Breaker’s featuring Moas Collective. 10pm-2am, no cover, 18+.
    Tuesday, 3/3– Percent night at Maddio’s Pizza on Main Street. 6-9pm, bring your friends for delicious build-your-own ‘za!
    Wednesday, 3/4– Mason Jar Menagerie, Half Measures, and Noah and the Real Girls. Doors at 7:30pm, no cover, 18+.

    We hope that all of our listeners understand how much hard work goes into keeping WUSC afloat. Our student-only staff puts aside classes, second and third jobs, sleep, food, and sanity to provide all this to the Columbia area. Our constant shows, festivals, and promotions are the result of an extremely dedicated DJ body and executive staff who appreciate everything our fans give back to us. Donations can be called into the studio, or submitted online through our donate link. The DJs who receive the most call-in donations receive great prizes (as do you for donating), so dial 803-576-9872 to reward your favorite DJ and keep WUSC running around the clock.

    From everyone at WUSC, thanks for the support, let’s keep WUSC around for another 60 years.



    Many of us in college radio got our start by listening to our parents’ classic rock, or through the resurgence of that iconic 60s and 70s music from movies like Almost Famous, Across The Universe, and School of Rock. My father’s first album was Led Zeppelin, the debut album of the group by the same name released in 1969; the same year as Altamont and Woodstock and the last public performance by the Beatles. The album was cutting edge metal and the first of a number of widely acclaimed works. Led Zeppelin was ahead of its time and one of the most influential bands in rock history.

    Classic Rock enthusiasts, we have something that we know you will love. We have not one, but 5 deluxe box sets up for grabs. Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV, and Houses of the Holy. Each set includes:

    CDs (2):
    Original album newly remastered in vinyl replica sleeve
    previously unreleased concert audio
    VINYL (2-3):
    album on 180-gram vinyl in sleeve replicating original pressing
    Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl featuring new artwork
    High-definition download card of ALL content at 96kHz/24 bit.
    70+ Page hardback photo book featuring previously unseen memorabilia
    Individually numbered, high quality print of the original album art

    One Winner will take home all 5 Box Sets.

  • February 26 | DJ Trainee Show Sign Up

    6-7pm in RH 315, followed by body meeting at 7pm in RH 305.

  • February 23 | DJ Trainee Written Exam

    7-8pm in RH 305.

  • February 16 | DJ Trainee CDs Due

  • February 8 | New DJ Training

    WUSC is hosting it’s spring semester DJ training on Sunday, February 8th from 11am to 2pm. The presentation and hands-on workshop will take place in RH 315 and in the studio itself. The topics covered will include radio policy and how to operate the board. The WUSC training manual is available , and will be the main topic of conversation during the policy discussion.

    If DJ hopefuls cannot make the scheduled training, there will be a make-up session on Friday, February 13th from 3-5pm in the studio.

    There will be two weeks between the date of training and the date of show sign-ups, scheduled for Thursday February 26th at 6pm in RH 315. These two weeks allow time for DJs to complete four, one-hour studio sit-ins with current DJs, fulfill a library hour, complete a CD review, and demonstrate announcing capabilities. The knowledge gained during the training day and these supplemental requirements will prepare DJs to pass an oral and a written exam. The show sign-up will proceed with the highest scorer on the written exam choosing their time slot first, going down the line of test scores.

    As soon as a date for the show sign up is determined, it will be posted here.

  • Interest Meetings | January 21, 22, 26, 27

    Interest meetings for those interested in DJing for campus radio will be held in the next two weeks. The schedule is as follows:

    Wednesday, 1/21 at 8pm in RH 304
    Thursday, 1/22 at 8pm in RH 305
    Monday, 1/26 at 7pm in RH 305
    Tuesday, 1/27 at 7pm in RH 220


    Training will take place on Sunday, February 8th from 11am to 2pm in RH 315. See you there!

  • December 6 | Rocky Horror Christmas Show


    I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. Join us at Benson Theater on Saturday, December 6th to Time Warp the night away with WUSC’s shadowcast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This cult classic is sure to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you. Doors open at 8:30 and the performance starts at 9:00, but be sure to get there early since space is limited! Audience participation packs will be included with the $5 admission, and we will be doing a costume contest, so be sure to dress up for maximum pleasure. So, come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab, and remember, don’t dream it!
    Be it!

    $5 // Doors at 8:30, Starts at 9:00 // Benson Theater

  • December 6 | Grüzer, Tusker, Happiness Bomb & Greevace


    Southern Wasteland with The Nomad presents:


    Happiness Bomb



    December 6, 2014
    8pm, $5
    Art Bar – 1211 Park St, Columbia SC
    21+ only

    Tune in every Friday to Southern Wasteland with The Nomad from 10pm-12am on WUSC 90.5 FM Columbia.

    More details TBA on the Facebook event page!

  • November 14 | Callosum, Fishwives, Tourist Town, Border & Local Short Film Showcase


    WUSC and Blue Tile Skateboards are bringing you the best of the Palmetto State with a showcase of local (and regional) music and short film.

    JOIN US!

    Blue Tile Skate Shop
    631 Harden Street Ste A
    Doors are at 8:00, music starts at 8:30.
    Bring $5 and a friend!

    Columbia electronica by Mason Youngblood

    Soda City synth-garage/hell raisin’ trio, featuring Samuel Forst, Jacob Toedtman, and Anna Marie Ridenour

    Tourist Town
    Shoegaze/Surf Pop from Clemson, SC. If you haven’t heard of these guys, definitely check em out. They’re goin places.

    South Carolina Rock n Roll

    Also featuring films by OK Keyes, Tucker Prescott, Kat LeeHong, Jake Tobin, and others.

    Don’t miss out!  RSVP to our Facebook event!

  • October 16-30 | Fall Fundraiser


    Dear WUSC Supporter,

    The purpose of WUSC has always been to entertain, to educate, and to expand the musical horizons of our listeners.  Since 1946, we have worked to provide Columbia and surrounding areas with a break from the normal, the repetitive, and give listeners twenty four solid hours of original programming developed and designed by our DJs.  No agendas, no commercials, just the music that we love.

    And we can tell that you love it too, as every year we receive hundreds of calls during our Fundraiser Week pledging support to our entirely student-run, non-commercial station.  This year, our fall fundraiser begins on October 16 and we will once again need the help of our community to keep the station running and the music on.  During this week of specialized programming, DJs will be “dressing up their show” with something spooky, and exploring new areas of music.  As always, donors will be met with a number of premium WUSC-FM items chosen specifically for this year alone.

    We have never been, however, just a radio station.  WUSC-FM is heavily integrated into the community that keeps it going year after year.  In the past few months we’ve brought local vendors new audiences through an all-day festival and vendor fair, the Back to School Slam.  We have brought bands from all over the country to play at local venues, including Michael Parallax from Florida and Family & Friends from Athens, Georgia.  In November, we’ll be trying to break our second world record: longest live performance by a solo artist.  And as always, there is much more to come.

    WUSC embodies an unending love for music and its community.  With the help of our supporters, we can maintain our high standard of programming and continue to grow as a station.  The donations that we receive, like all money we fundraise, is spend exclusively on the licensing fees that keep us on air, repairing and improving our equipment, and continue support our community through events and promotions.

    Please join us for our Fall Fundraiser Events and call in to donate during your favorite DJ’s show or by clicking the link below.  Thank you for your constant support!


    Fundraiser Events


  • October 18, 2014 | Zombie Walk & Back From the Grave Cover Show


    Get bloody with us and march alongside your undead brothers and sisters to the most cacophonous concert of the year! Watch local bands become possessed by the spirits of their favorite artists dead and gone.

    Show up at 5pm on Greene Street to get zombified -OR- come in costume for a costume contest hosted by Hip*Wa*Zee.

    – Meet at 5 pm on Greene St in front of Russell House
    – March to El Burrito starts @ 6:00 pm
    – Music starts @ 7:00 pm
    – Costume Contest @ 8:30 pm
    – $5 at El Burrito


    This event is a part of our Fall Fundraiser.  We count on your donations to keep the station running each year.  Thanks for your support!


  • September 13, 2014 | The Burrito Bash


    An embarrassment of riches awaits Columbia on Saturday, September 13th. Come down to El Burrito, home of your favorite taco friends, and meal while you watch some mighty fine electronic, dreamy, janglin’ bands, name of:

    ░ Michael Parallax ░

    ▒ Family And Friends band ▒

    ▓ Bois ▓

    █ 1-800-DOG-CIGS █

    dirty deets:
    September 13th, 7:00 – 9:30
    El Burrito (934 Harden St)
    $5 Under
    $3 Over

  • August 23, 2014 | Back to School Slam: Connect2Cola Showcase


    You’d be really nuts to miss a Saturday of Soda City’s best home grown music and businesses- an all day showcase squeezin summer to the last sweetest drop. FT. an embarrassment of local riches, as well as Athens GA’s most explosive megamen- REPTAR -to headline.

    Check out all the great bands coming to play:
    Dear Blanca
    fk mt.
    Concord America
    She Returns From War

    See you there!

    RSVP on Facebook

  • April 26, 2014 | WUSC Jamboree


    Returning to El Burrito for the 3rd consecutive year, we’ve packed the 2014 line-up with lots of out of town talent and hometown sweethearts. WUSC JAMBOREE will have plenty of food, drinks, and music to keep you wildly entertained!

    Vacationer (Philadelphia, PA and Brooklyn, NY) Blend of escapist dream pop and somewhat-mystical electro-pop. Vacationer are self-proclaimed ‘relaxation specialists’ who provide ideal sunny weather songs that we are so excited to share with Columbia for a second time!

    Heyrocco (Nashville, TN): This South Carolina-bred trio may be known for their dark, nostalgic pop tunes, but their compelling image and onstage persona is in-your-face rock and roll. Their music is reminiscent of bands such as The Cure, Nada Surf, and early Pumpkins spiked with an experimental blend of Broken Social Scene meets On A Friday.

    Michael Parallax (Orlando, FL): Michael Parallax brings huge analog beats to an extremely clean down tempo electronica. In the artists own description: Celebratory Electronic Spiritual Revival Tent Music. We’ll give you some time to figure out what that means, but you know you want to see it.

    Zack Mexico (Kill Devil Hills, NC): Music to go to (and be angry at) the beach with. Mexico brings all the light-hearted riffs and echoing vocals of classic beach rock, but manages to distinguish themselves from the pack with a sound that’s a blend of dream-pop, dark vocals, and extremely experimental elements.

    Amy Godwin (Atlanta, GA): Amy Godwin hails from Atlanta, GA and provides the beautiful female vocals for Valley Maker. Her solo material features ukulele accompaniment, a capella, and rich looper pedal harmonies.

    Lonely Ghost (Columbia, SC): Lonely Ghost is a recently formed four-piece. They are all very serious, emotional dudes whose music makes you want to kill yourself.

    One Two Skidoo – Acoustic Set (The inside of a pinãta): You just need to know that Kanye West is the band’s spirit animal. Since their formation, they have been inspired by Kanye’s recent tweet, “I wake up every day trying to give something back to you that you can rock to and be proud of.” Their sound has been described as if Frankie Muniz bought a python that he just couldn’t take care of. If you haven’t seen them yet, it’s performance art in band form.

    fk mt. (Columbia, SC): soda city stoner pop

    MyBrother MySister (Columbia, SC): They’ve opened for about every band in Columbia, and with their brutally catchy riffs and heavy punk influences, it’s not hard to see why My Brother My Sister are some of Cola’s favorite hometown kids.

    Tickets: $8 at the Door

    RSVP to our Facebook Event!

  • March 27 | Township Foundation Presents Free Outdoor Concerts

    Loading Dock Live Poster copy

    On March 27, The Township Foundation’s annual Loading Dock Live Series will return to the Township Auditorium. Kicking off this year’s festivities will be University of South Carolina favorites Atlas Road Crew playing their brand of old school rock and roll as well as special guests The Black Iron Gathering!  This is free concert in the back parking lot of the Township Auditorium starting at 5:30pm on March 27, so come on out and join us! There will also be food vendors on site.

  • Sneak Peek: WUSC Presents Bearstronaut

    Fundraising week is coming to a close, and we’re ready to go out with a bang! Be sure to come out for WUSC’s spring fundraising concert at Foxfield Bar and Grille Thursday night. Doors are at 8 pm, and we’re super stoked to be featuring Bearstronaut, an electro-pop group from Boston, MA whose smooth, tropical sound is sure to get you dancing. Their most recent EP, “Paradice,” topped our charts soon after its release, and the group is well known for giving energetic live performances.

    Along with Bearstronaut, Art Contest, a fantastic math-rock trio from Clemson, SC, is heading down for the show. Their recent debut album, Math Major, has been one of my favorite albums of the year. I’ve seen these guys live a couple of times, and trust me, you don’t want to miss them. Their music is colorful and disjointed with super clear vocals and driving rhythms, and they’re definitely on my list of up-and-coming South Carolina bands to watch.

    We also have some solid local groups to start the show. Ningas Tongas, a dynamic noise – rock quartet will be kicking things off, followed by Hey Lightning, an alternative indie-rock group with an experimental touch.

    If you haven’t had a chance to show your support for WUSC, you can always donate by calling into the station at 803-576-9872 or by donating online.

    Foxfield Bar and Grille is located at 406 Howard Street, Columbia, SC 29205. Doors at 8 pm, $5 cover. Check out the Facebook event here for more information.

    By Anna Ridenour
  • Sneak Peek: WUSC’s March Acoustic Night

    Be sure to come out for tonight’s Acoustic Night at Red Door Tavern! We’ll be featuring Yosef’s Hunter Duncan, a fantastic local acoustic musician. (Check him out here!) Last month’s acoustic night was our first time hosting at Red Door Tavern, and it proved to be a great time. The recently-renovated bar and restaurant has an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that couples perfectly with our great performers, and there are pinball machines and pool tables to keep you entertained in between acts. Basically, it’s everything you’d ever want in an acoustic night! Can’t make it tonight? Don’t worry! We’ll being hosting more acoustic nights on the first Tuesdays of every month. Stay tuned for more fundraising week event previews!

    Nick Vogt performs at WUSC's February Acoustic Night at Red Door Tavern.

    WUSC DJ Nick Vogt performing at February’s Acoustic Night

    Red Door Tavern is located at 134 1/2 State Street West Columbia, SC 29169.

    Music starts at 8:00pm, $5 cover.

  • Spring Fundraiser Week is here!

    WUSC-Fundraiser-Week-Poster-final WUSC-Fundraiser-Week-Poster-rev-web-662x1024

  • WUSC Presents: One Two Skidoo, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, Michael Parallax, and Callosum

  • Metal Cock Radio Presents: A Very Death Metal Valentine’s Show

  • Metal Cock Radio Presents: Repellers, No., NeverFall, and Ningas Tongas

  • Metal Cock Radio Presents: Cryptodira & Fall of the Albatross

  • Night at the Nick

  • WUSC presents Stepdad, One Two Skidoo, Heyrocco, and Nathan K.

  • They’re coming to get you, Barbara!

    2012 WUSC Zombie Walk




    All pictures courtesy of The State newspaper.

  • Rave to the Grave

    WUSC Fall Fundraiser presents

    RAVE to the GRAVE

    At The Library in 5 Points
    Thursday, October 25, at 10 PM
    $3 over 21/$5 under

  • WUSC Zombie Walk

    WUSC Zombie Walk

    The annual WUSC Zombie Walk will take place Wednesday, October 31st, from the Russell House Patio to percent night at Moe’s Southwest Grill. All participants should meet outside the Russell House Patio at 5:30 PM for zombie makeup.
  • WUSC and New Brookland Tavern present: Malmuk, Lamb Handler, and The Losos

    WUSC and New Brooklyn Tavern present


    The Halloween Rock Show

    Saturday, October 27th




    Malmuk, Lamb Handler,

    and the Losos.


    Doors open at 8:00PM; music starts at 9:30PM.

    Price of admissions is $5, $8 if you’re under 21.


  • Davy Williams, Kevin Green, C. Neil Scott, Matt “Musician X” Falter, Hullcogan, and Ladonna Smith

    Come see Davy Williams, Kevin Green, C. Neil Scott, Matt “Musician X” Falter, Hullcogan, and Ladonna Smith at Conundrum Music Hall on Friday, October 12th. All music will be experimental, including amplified kazoos!


    Doors open at 7:00 PM, music starts at 8:00 PM.

    Price of admission: $8, includes dinner from Moe’s, Jimmy Johns, Cafe Strudel, and Rosewood Market


    DAVEY WILLIAMS — various objects on an elecrtic guitar as well as a pick!! Davey is an American free improvisation and avant-garde music guitarist. In addition to his solo work, he has been noted for his membership in Curlew and his collaborations with LaDonna Smith.

    KEVIN GREEN — drums, percussion, amplified objects, acoustic kazoo and a processed ELECTRIC kazoo !!

    C. NEIL SCOTT & MATT ‘MUSICIAN X’ FALTER — avant improv sax and drums

    HULLCOGAN — a project of Mr. Noah Brock.

    >Band summaries courtesy of Conundrum Music Hall

  • Carnaval, Netherfriends, and Senseless Beings

    Come see CarnavalNetherfriends, and Senseless Beatings Thursday, October 4th, at Conundrum Music Hall.


    Doors open at 7:00 PM, music starts at 8:00 PM.

    Price of admission: $5


    Carnaval is a methodical and point-driven wordless quartet from Charleston.

    Essentially the rotating project of indie pop adventurer Shawn Rosenblatt and friends, Netherfriends plays an ethereal brand of rock, layering Rosenblatt’s Beach Boys-esque coos over shimmering lo-fi keyboards, tribal drums, and anything else lying around the studio. Netherfriends began to make its name in Rosenblatt’s hometown of Chicago in 2007, as he gathered a vast network of acquaintances together to create entrancing sounds. While multi-instrumentalist Justin Fernando is a regular collaborator, when Netherfriends tours, it’s generally a solo endeavor. After a pair of self-released singles, the act signed to Emergency Umbrella Records, releasing the EP Calling You Out in 2009. The following year, Rosenblatt embarked upon the nomad’s life as he pulled up stakes from his Chicago home and took to the road with the plan to play gigs in all 50 states. ~Jason Thurston, Rovi

    Weaving together ephemeral semblances of meaning and vainly groping at values, Senseless Beatings is a musical project(ion) of people with no place to go. In spite of recognizing the vanity of their hopes (being-for-other-that-is-being-for-self), they wander about feverishly writing music that never quite satisfies their desires.

    >Band summaries courtesy of Conundrum Music Hall

  • WUSC Presents: Elvis Depressedly, Cameron Gardner Trio, Dear Blanca, Paleface, and Dylan & Dayne

    The WUSC Music Office has put together another kick ass show at Conundrum Music Hall on Friday, March 16.


    Elvis Depressedly
    … Cameron Gardner Trio
    Dear Blanca
    Dylan & Dayne

    $5 for 21+/ $7 under 21
    show starts at 8!

    Dylan & Dayne Lee are just wonderful song writers, an heart meltingly classic folky dueling vocals act. Simply gorgeous and a real rarity to catch in Columbia. They stole our hearts years ago and we are lucky enough to convince them to join the show!

    Dear Blanca is Dylan Dickerson’s newest project consisting of Evan SImmons from Magnetic Flowers on bass, Marc Coty of Old Canoe on drums, Damien Herring from Horrendous and Eddie Newman from Ape Bastard in the horn section. It is a much more atmospheric experience than Dylan’s solo act but boy is it pretty. It’s exciting to hear this jubilee of Columbia musical genius in one act.

    Paleface is our forever touring band that we at WUSC adore and are pleased to bring back to our city. Paleface composes folk music in earnest, with a bluesy vocal delivery that portrays a feeling of something genuine and well-intentioned.

    Cameron Garner Trio is one of Columbia’s music scene’s treasures and veterans. Consisting of members of Heist and the Accomplice and more, these guys are brilliant song writers and musicians. They put a whole new edge on bluesy epic rock.

    Elvis Depressedly (also known as Coma Cinema) is one of Columbia’s coveted acts. A brilliant fuse of bedroom pop and drone. A really amazing act to close up our show!