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October 2014

October 16-30 | Fall Fundraiser


Dear WUSC Supporter,

The purpose of WUSC has always been to entertain, to educate, and to expand the musical horizons of our listeners.  Since 1946, we have worked to provide Columbia and surrounding areas with a break from the normal, the repetitive, and give listeners twenty four solid hours of original programming developed and designed by our DJs.  No agendas, no commercials, just the music that we love.

And we can tell that you love it too, as every year we receive hundreds of calls during our Fundraiser Week pledging support to our entirely student-run, non-commercial station.  This year, our fall fundraiser begins on October 16 and we will once again need the help of our community to keep the station running and the music on.  During this week of specialized programming, DJs will be “dressing up their show” with something spooky, and exploring new areas of music.  As always, donors will be met with a number of premium WUSC-FM items chosen specifically for this year alone.

We have never been, however, just a radio station.  WUSC-FM is heavily integrated into the community that keeps it going year after year.  In the past few months we’ve brought local vendors new audiences through an all-day festival and vendor fair, the Back to School Slam.  We have brought bands from all over the country to play at local venues, including Michael Parallax from Florida and Family & Friends from Athens, Georgia.  In November, we’ll be trying to break our second world record: longest live performance by a solo artist.  And as always, there is much more to come.

WUSC embodies an unending love for music and its community.  With the help of our supporters, we can maintain our high standard of programming and continue to grow as a station.  The donations that we receive, like all money we fundraise, is spend exclusively on the licensing fees that keep us on air, repairing and improving our equipment, and continue support our community through events and promotions.

Please join us for our Fall Fundraiser Events and call in to donate during your favorite DJ’s show or by clicking the link below.  Thank you for your constant support!


Fundraiser Events


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