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February 2015

February 26 to March 5 | FUNDRAISER WEEK

WUSC Spring Fundraiser

Fundraiser week has started again!

Every semester, WUSC holds a fundraiser week to get the funds necessary to pay our ever-increasing licensing fees. Each semester we pick a theme, plan events, and try to get the community involved in our cause. This semester’s theme is SPRING BREAK and DJs will be spinning their favorite road trip music, getaway jams, and more.

We’ve been named one of the top ten college stations in the country by mTV, Rolling Stone magazine has called us the reason to go to USC, and in general we think we’re pretty great. Our DJs and our support staff put in countless hours to bring you quality broadcasting 24/7. As the only non-top 40, non-commercial station in Columbia, we provide listeners with new content they won’t be able to find anywhere else on the dial. We provide talk shows, sports shows, punk, indie, and post rock shows, hip hop, live-mixing, and a constant flow of new DJ’s with new ideas and new music.

This semester, we have highlighted free speech, brought you updates about incidents on USC’s campus, and now we’re giving you three great events to attend. We’re starting things off with our bi-annual Dance Party (hosted by Breaker’s) with Moas Collective DJ’ing for four solid hours. We’re hosting a percent night with Uncle Maddio’s, and then having an all-locals show at Tin Roof Columbia featuring Mason Jar Menagerie. Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday, 2/26– Dance Party at Breaker’s featuring Moas Collective. 10pm-2am, no cover, 18+.
Tuesday, 3/3– Percent night at Maddio’s Pizza on Main Street. 6-9pm, bring your friends for delicious build-your-own ‘za!
Wednesday, 3/4– Mason Jar Menagerie, Half Measures, and Noah and the Real Girls. Doors at 7:30pm, no cover, 18+.

We hope that all of our listeners understand how much hard work goes into keeping WUSC afloat. Our student-only staff puts aside classes, second and third jobs, sleep, food, and sanity to provide all this to the Columbia area. Our constant shows, festivals, and promotions are the result of an extremely dedicated DJ body and executive staff who appreciate everything our fans give back to us. Donations can be called into the studio, or submitted online through our donate link. The DJs who receive the most call-in donations receive great prizes (as do you for donating), so dial 803-576-9872 to reward your favorite DJ and keep WUSC running around the clock.

From everyone at WUSC, thanks for the support, let’s keep WUSC around for another 60 years.


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