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November 2016

CHARTS & ADDS 11.1.16

 Happy day-after-Halloween!!! Congrats everybody, we made it. As Kylie Jenner predicted, it has truly been a year of realizing things, and I have realized that tallying charts every week is one of my favorite things. That being said, we’ve got some great stuff in our top 30 this week!!


1              LADY WRAY                                       Queen Alone          

2              SELAH SUE                                          Reason   

3              CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON              CDW

4              JONES                                                    New Skin               

5              PIXIES                                                   Head Carrier           

6              PAT X                                                    Coming to Life Pt. 1               

7              BALANCE AND COMPOSURE         Light We Made      

8              LOAMLANDS                                     Sweet High Rise    

9              DEVENDRA BANHART                     Ape In Pink Marble

10            GALLANT                                             Ology     

11            JEFF ROSENSTOCK                            Worry.    

12            JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW      We Move

13            CRYING Beyond                                    The Fleeting Gales 

14            LVL UP                                                  Return To Love      

15            FENCES                                                 To The Tall Trembling Trees  

16            INFINITY CRUSH                                Warmth Equation   

17            HOLY SONS                                         In The Garden        

18            BRETT NEWSKI                                   Land Air Sea Garage              

19            HALFNOISE                                         Sudden Feeling      

20            STOPLIGHT OBSERVATIONS          toogoodoo              

21            WAREHOUSE                                       Super Low             

22            MICROWAVE                                       Much Love             

23            SAVOIR ADORE                                  The Love That Remains         

24            PARTYBABY                                       The Golden Age Of Bullshit  

25            HOW TO DRESS WELL                       Care        

26            BEACH SLANG                                    A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings        

27            RITUALS OF MINE                             Devoted  

28            SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE               Midnight Room      

29            MNDSGN                                              Body Wash            

30            THE RANGE                                         Superimpose



1              AGNES OBEL       Citizen Of Glass     

2              STRFKR                 Being No One, Going Nowhere            

3              NICOLE DOLLANGANGER        Observatory Mansions                 

4              JIM JAMES           Eternally Even        

5              JAMIE T                 Trick 

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