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April 2017


Check out what WUSC’s DJs have been spinning in preparation for finals week!


1.     Real Estate, In Mind

2.     Thundercat, Drunk

3.     Flagship, The Electric Man

4.     Flyjack, New Day

5.     WHY?, Moh Lhean

6.     Jenn Grant, Paradise

7.     Sorority Noise, You’re Not As ___ As You Think

8.     Temples, Volcano

9.     Dawn Richard, Redemption

10. Nana Grizol, Ursa Minor

11. Froth, Outside (Briefly)

12. Dirty Projectors, Dirty Projectors

13. Fink, Fink’s Sunday Evening Blues Club Vol. 1

14. The Matinee, Dancing On Your Grave

15. Geotic, Absyma

16. Spoon, Hot Thoughts

17. Repel the Robot, AKA

18. The Octopus Project, Memory Mirror

19. Meatbodies, Alice

20. Heart Attack Man, The Manson Family

21. Coco Hames, Coco Hames

22. Bonny Doon, Bonny Doon

23. Sun Cop, When You Hear the Drum You May Speak

24. Satsang, Pyramid(s)

25. Laura Marling, Semper Femina

26. Emel, Ensen

27. Yasmine Hamden, Al Jamilat

28. Guytano, I Am Inside My Body

29. Justin Carter, The Leaves Fall

30. Lexie Roth, Move Me


1. Actress, AZD

2. Charly Bliss, Guppy

3. The Digital Wild, Tall As Trees

4. Fictionist, Sleep Machine

5. Julia Holter, In the Same Room

6. Little Dragon, Season High

7. Little Hurricane, Same Sun Same Moon

8. Overlake, Fall

9. Royal Thunder, Wick

10. Skating Polly, New Trick

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