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February 2018

10 Songs to Listen to While Drinking Coffee

There’s arguably no better set of events that can occur than walking into a local coffee shop on a cloudy day, ordering your usual that costs more money than it reasonably should, and sitting down to crank out some likely-procrastinated work. But of course, none of it can even start before you tune out the world with some music to get you in the mood. So here are 10 songs to listen to while drinking coffee, from start to finish.

1. “Mistakes” – Lake Street Dive

The camera pans slowly on to our protagonist, and Lake Street Dive plays us into this wonderful indie-film of your life with a soulful alternative jazz number. “Mistakes” comes straight from LSD’s fifth studio album Side Pony, a treat to both the ears and soul. Anything on this album is enough to accompany those warm sips of your coffee, but “Mistakes” does a particularly good job, especially while accompanying that walk into the shop.

2. “Waking Up Again” – Emily Hearn

So you’ve placed your order and have your beverage of choice, but those first few sips are wearing off and you realize – you’ve yet to actually put in any work and can’t waste another $7.10 again on coffee used for nothing. It’s time to get your fingers moving with Emily Hearn’s cherry folk-backing and uplifting voice as she urges you to wake up again, and get started with whatever’s on your plate.

3. “Mind Is a Mountain” – The Get Ahead

OK – you’ve found your groove now. It’s zen time. No breaks. “Mind Is a Mountain” is the song to power you through that hardest part of getting started. Motivational and acoustic, it’s a song that hits even deeper with vocals that make you feel energized with every note (as if your coffee wasn’t already giving you enough of a boost, though).

4. “Stronger Than That” – Bahamas

You probably know the Bahamas from their hit commercial song “All The Time,” but what you probably don’t know is that their sound is a lot more diverse and rich than what you would associate with a cell phone car. “Stronger Than That” is exactly the type of song that you won’t even realize is playing until it’s ended, and it’s just what you need to soothe yourself into latte heaven (or hot drink heaven, but that’s not as catchy).

5. “Burning Rome” – St. Paul & The Broken Bones

“Burning Rome” delivers a delightfully bluesy sound to your ears – perfect for coffee days. Coming of their most recent album, “Sea of Noise,” this song is a strong reflect of what the band is capable of: honest lyrics, strong vocals, and instrumentals filled with smooth, fluttering jazz that somehow make you feel like you’re being wrapped in a blanket of soft brass.

6. “Silver Lining” – Mt. Joy

An upcoming indie-rock band, Mt. Joy is a fruitful mix of acoustic charm and sultry voices that creates a really warm sound, perfect as an accompaniment for coffee drinking. And “Silver Lining” is of course the best recommendation there is for such a time, with intense lyrics and a strong bassline, it’s hard for your stress not to melt away at such a time, which is exactly what you’ll be needing at this time while trying to get that last bit of your assignment done.

7. “Better” – The Suffers

The Suffers is pretty much just what you’d want to hear at this moment in your life, but you probably never knew it. “Better,” like a lot of songs on this list, is a slow, moving, and soul song about trust and dependency. Sort of like how you depend on coffee shops to be your shelter, The Suffers sing about depending on friends for shelter, and if their lines don’t move you, then I really hope your coffee will because this is only song number seven, friend.

8. “Punks and Poets” – Elliot Root

So you’re almost at the end of your assignment (and I might even dare to say you’ve already finished it), but you need something to get your hands working fast enough to finish before you finish your coffee. With a beautiful piano introduction, Elliot Root’s “Punks and Poets” is the uplifting track this playlist needs to get you through that last stretch. A mellow rock sock with a cool piano sound? There might not be much better in such a moment (except not having to do work, of course).

9. “Motion Sickness” – Phoebe Bridges

In somewhat of a sad resolution, we have Phoebe Bridges powerful song about loss and emotional… well, resolutions. If her words aren’t the same as the words running through your mind while finishing your coffee, then frankly I’m not quite sure what you’re doing listening to this playlist while drinking coffee. So just sit back, cry, and let Phoebe (and those last few blissful sips of liquid crack) move you to the end of your assignment.

10. “Wait for the Moment” – Vulfpeck

If the beginning of this list was a moody motown track, then Vulfpeck’s Wait for the Moment conveys just the same mood – and there’s not many other types of music to make you feel like a badder badass than walking out of a coffee shop, shades on, headphones in, and walking in sync with the beat of something as mellow and moody as this. Go take a nap, my friend. You deserve it.

So that’s it; now you’re ready to go get your daily cup of joe and do whatever assignment it is you hate. Just remember, if you don’t listen to these exact 10 songs than you’ll probably have horrible coffee for the rest of your life. Or something like that, I don’t know.


Post and photo by Mark Maddaloni

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