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April 2018

Female Artist Discovery: Σtella

Based in Athens, Greece, singer-songwriter and visual artist Σtella (Stella Chronopoulou) fuses the sounds of 80’s pop, disco and modern indie rock to create a unique sound that could dominate the underground indie scene as easily as it could top the Billboard 200. While singles “Detox” and “Picking Words” gained enough airplay to make her debut self-titled album an indie hit in Greece, her streamlined pop has yet to attract the attention of American listeners.

In 2017 she released her sophomore album Works For You – a collection of 11 polished synthpop earworms, perfected with funky bass lines and silky vocals. Available now on Inner Ear, Works For You shines through the ever-diluted (and often times unimpressive) collection of modern indie pop acts today.

Her most recent single is a collaboration with electronic artist and frequent songwriting partner, NTEIBINT. “A sci-fi disco ballad, full of heartbreaks and mellow synth lines. Between states, where we meet and where we part” – “A State Nearby” is out now on Eskimo Recordings.


By Jordan Smith

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