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Posted on May 12, 2019


Interview: Walden at Shaky Knees 2019

Interview: Walden at Shaky Knees 2019 By Luis Rodriguez Walden was the very first act that I saw perform Saturday, and I emailed them immediately after for an interview. This group of guys from Athens, GA had instantly stolen my heart with their electric energy, intense passion, immense stage presence and of course their musical […]

Posted on May 7, 2019


Shaky Knees 2019: Interpol

Shaky Knees 2019: The Enduring Influence of Interpol By Jordan Smith The years between 2000 and 2011 proved to be some of the most important ones for New York City. In the midst of what seemed like a rock n’ roll revolution, bands like The Strokes, Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem and Interpol contributed to a […]

Posted on May 6, 2019


Shaky Knees 2019: Natalie Prass

Shaky Knees 2019: Natalie Prass in the Rain By Jordan Smith The threat of rain at a festival is the threat of chaos – changed set times, intense crowding of all shaded areas and a fear of cancellation loom large every summer. But walking onto the stage with a knee-length pink rain coat, Natalie Prass […]

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