WUSC’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2019

WUSC’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2019

Carly Mihovich

I have never been one to make new year’s resolutions. They’re never something I can see myself actually sticking with – not to mention, time is fake and the “beginning” of a new year is completely arbitrary. That being said, I decided to change things up for 2019. What could very well be my first new year’s resolution is fitting for a member of WUSC: discover more music. Luckily, this won’t be hard considering all the great releases that are expected to drop this year.

We’ve already been blessed with the album, Heard It In a Past Life, from Maggie Rogers, along with Weezer’s debut as a cover band in The Teal Album (their rendition of a-ha’s “Take on Me” is my personal favorite). But what more does 2019 have to offer? Follow along as WUSC reveals some of our most anticipated releases of the upcoming year.

thank u, next Ariana Grande (February 8)

No one had a better and worse 2018 than Ariana Grande. From losing Mac Miller and ending a whirlwind engagement, to breaking records with bops like “No Tears Left to Cry,” “God is a Woman,” and “thank u, next,” Ariana dominated the news and the charts. But while some artists play the long con and wait years to release new music, Ari is the gift that keeps on giving. With the tracklist of thank u, next featuring songs like “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” Ariana is sure to have another iconic year (but in a good way with no more hurting xoxo).

Wasteland, Baby! Hozier (March 1)

It seems like it was just last year when Hozier released his EP Nina Cried Power, an ode to civil rights activists and musicians like Nina Simone and Mavis Staples. Oh wait, it was. Now Hozier is back with his second album titled Wasteland, Baby! due out this March. One of Hozier’s talents has been his ability to play around with different genres like blues or jazz in order to shape his music into something that is entirely his own. I suspect Wasteland, Baby! will be no different, with the artist once again showing us exactly who he is without letting himself be conformed into a neat box.

Norman Fucking Rockwell Lana Del Rey (March 29)

Is any artist in the business today more hypnotic than Lana Del Rey? Her melodies and lyrical ability are breathtaking, with both being spotlighted on the recent single “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have but I have it.” Norman Fucking Rockwell promises to be the stripped-down, intimate version of Lana we all know and love as she shares her poetry with us one more time.

Father of the Bride Vampire Weekend (Spring)

Speaking of artists that make us wait years for new music, hey, Vampire Weekend is back! After a nearly six year wait, Ezra Koenig and the gang return with FOTB, an eighteen track album that includes the recently released “2021” and “Harmony Hall.” These songs are different, and different is good! They’re fun and sort of synthy and melodic, and the official audio on Youtube features footage of bees and frogs! What more could you want!

TBA Rihanna (TBA)

Oh, Rihanna, how you tease us so. Her newest reggae-inspired album was expected to drop at some point in 2018, but with the success of Fenty Beauty and being the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Barbados and all, we can see how she got a little sidetracked. Oh well – we are holding out hope that this will be the year that RiRi returns to our charts! But if you’re reading this on December 31st, 2019 and she still hasn’t dropped that album, you might want to check up on our DJs to see how well they’re taking it.

TBA Solange (TBA)

Solange is another artist we’re holding out for this year. Her newest album is likely finished and is reported to have jazz influences, along with hip-hop and electronic music in the mix – sign us up! Back in the fall, the New York Times reported that the follow up to A Seat at the Table would be released before the end of the year, yet here we are, Solange album-less. Nevertheless, we will persevere through 2019 until the album’s imminent release! It’s what Beyonce would want.