The Sounds of Belo Horizonte

The Sounds of Belo Horizonte: Passport Playlist brings South America to South Carolina

Jessica Gustines

KoY is the stage name of Bruno de Oliveira, a producer and musician from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Inspired by eclectic, soulful artists like Chet Faker, Jorja Smith and FKJ, Bruno de Oliveira creates modern, ethereal instrumentals with “some Brazillian flavor in it.” Using guitar, piano, vocals and of course technology, Bruno has pioneered an arrestingly unique sound of his own.

Bruno’s passion seeps into his emotionally stirring beats. In his words, “If there’s no music in my day, something’s wrong.” Bruno’s lifelong love of music began when his father introduced him to his classic rock favorites. Although he loves the classics, Bruno told WUSC he thinks “we are living in a Golden era of the music industry, where a kid can be a hit doing beats in his bedroom, watching YouTube tutorials…this is amazing, we don’t have to sign with a big record label to make music anymore, or spend lots of money on studio time.” This new age of technology where artists can build their own platform is one reason so many new, diverse artists and sounds are coming about. This trend also counteracts what Bruno calls his “least favorite” side of music. He says the business side of it often makes him “feel miserable about his own art because he’s trying to fit inside a ‘box’ of elements that make his art profitable.”

Bruno stays optimistic by connecting with other artists and sharing what they love – music! He told WUSC that his favorite live performance took place at a venue called Entre Folhas, “After the show, I met with some great artists from the city and we managed to make a big and improvised jam session, it was amazing.” KoY focuses on creativity, collaboration, and expression, rather than selling a persona in the music industry. This artist makes and shares music “Because it would be a mistake if I didn’t, and I love it more than anything else.”

KoY’s Bruno de Oliveira was interviewed by Passport Playlist’s Desiree Hambrock. For years, Passport Playlist has brought music from around the globe to WUSC by interviewing international students who share music directly from their home country! In this spirit, Bruno de Oliveira created a playlist to share the sounds of his hometown – Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

You can listen to the playlist here and check out his Instagram page

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