The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 2 – Meet Chico!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

Welcome back to another installment of WUSC’s series of blog post in which we share with you our sources of joy in a cold, cruel world. Today’s very good boy comes to us from DJ Tracy, who would like us all to meet Chico. Says DJ Tracy:

Meet Chico. He was rescued from a big box store’s parking lot about seven years ago before we took him in, and that was already his name. How this five pound waif could’ve survived in the wild longer than about five minutes is a mystery to us. We don’t know how old he is. He has a voice greatly disproportionate to his frame, loves to eat chips and ankles, snores ever so cutely when he sleeps, and is missing enough teeth to allow his tongue to perpetually hang out of the side of his mouth. Favorite music – well, he just likes to sleep next to the speaker and feel the vibes. I guess he’s eclectic like me.

If you want to–and you certainly should, you monster–you can follow Chico’s exploits on Instagram at his very own profile, @ittybittyshittydog. Chico rules, and we should all feel blessed to be allowed this tiny window into his tiny life. Big thanks to DJ Tracy for hooking us up with this week’s preciousness, and be sure to come back next Sunday for more.