The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 3 – Meet Moose, Dobby & Tonks!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means… welcome back to another installment of The Pets of WUSC! Join us as our own DJ Bear takes us through her little slice of dog heaven. Says DJ Bear:

Meet Moose, Dobby and Tonks! Moose is the tiny one who’s always the center of attention. He’s one year old, he’s a rescue, and he vibrates when he gets angry. He loves electronic music, and he’s currently into ODESZA. Dobby is the side-eyeing puppy on the left in the first pic. He’s a nine-year-old rescue who inhales food and is just an all-around good boy. He listens to swing/jazz and howls to Sinatra. And that’s Tonks in the first pic on the far right (already done with the day). She’s nine years old, a rescue, and an OG troublemaker who’s surgery-prone and chonnkyyyyy. She listens exclusively to indie and stans Billie.

This is a good lookin’ crew. Shout-out to DJ Bear for blessing us all with her pack this Sunday. Be sure to check out DJ Bear’s summer show, The Hallows, every Friday from noon to 1PM, and follow her on Twitter @DJBear70468880. And come back next Sunday for more Pets of WUSC!