The Pets of WUSC, Vol. 11 – Meet Ripley!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

Hope you’re ready for some Sunday pet action, and I hope you’re ready to be overloaded by preciousness. Because today, you get to meet my dog, my homie, my ESA, Ellen Ripley. Ripley came from a litter of puppies my sister’s dog had back in 2012. She’ll be eight years old on October 9th. She and I are a lot alike; we’re not particularly social animals, we’re big fans of routine, we’re what you’d consider “food motivated,” and we both love my wife. Ripley listens to what I listen to, which is mostly heavier stuff. If you see us out together, we’re probably having a bad day, and we both apologize in advance for however that encounter goes.

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