The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 9 – Meet Atticus & Keelie!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

It’s Sunday, baby, and it’s time for more WUSC pets! While I love getting to see reptiles and rodents and all kinds of specimens from across the pet spectrum, I gotta say, my heart will always be with dogs. And today, courtesy of DJ Daus, we’ve got some beauts. Meet Atticus and Keelie! Says DJ Daus:

Atticus is an English bulldog puppy. He is six months old. His favorite hobbies are sleeping and eating. He loves to cuddle and hates walks. His ideal day is listening to WUSC, sitting on the couch and eating pizza crust. And Keelie is a year old Cane Corso. She weighs 130 pounds and stands at about six feet on her hind legs. She hates to be alone and loves to be on the couch. She is a spoiled girl. From a distance she is scary but up close is a sweetheart. Her favorite part of any day is getting a fresh bone out of the oven which she carries around the house happy to show everyone.

Lovely. Atticus lets you have the pizza, and you’re lucky if Keelie lets you have anything at all… that’s a lot of dog, and we love every bit of her. Thanks to DJ Daus for hooking us up with some dogely preciousness! Be sure to catch him with DJ Angel Hair on My Chemical Rave, every Wednesday from 4-6PM, and don’t forget to follow the show on Instagram.