Peace.Out.2020 : A Holiday Playlist with Tracy

by DJ Tracy

I need a little extra gas this time of year to find my Holiday Spirit. End of 2020 joy-kills like the compulsory Zoom office party, the post office waiting line, and the looming specter of boredom/solitude have made the Holiday Spirit extra slippery. Shopping online and eating all the cookies are quality go-tos, but they only get me so far; so I put together a playlist.

If I were talking to you on the radio, introducing these songs for you, I’d tell you things like the Pink Singers are an LGBT+ community choir from London, and that ska music is so-named because it’s the onomatopoeic word for the sound a guitar makes, and that I once won a spelling bee with “onomatopoeia” (true story). I’d tell you Amason is a popular Swedish group, and Swedes celebrate Christmas by watching Donald Duck cartoons. I might point out that Dylan’s “Winterlude” is a waltz, or that Willa Amai is a big talent at only 16 years old. There’s so much to tell you. I’ve missed being in the studio to play stuff for you this year.

Once the calendar turns, most of us will try to forget 2020. But while we’re still here in its dregs, I hope you find something to bring on the elusive Holiday Spirit. My prescription is to listen to music you love and do something selfless. Maybe at the same time. -TJ