Biweekly Bio: Jacob Hamill

Posted by WUSC on April 19, 2018

        You may think he’s ~Just Jacob~, but he’s actually Jacob Hamill, a DJ who runs the Cabinet of Curiosities show every Tuesday from 2 – 4 PM.   As a senior, he’s stuck with WUSC throughout his time here at Carolina, and now you all can finally get a glimpse into his life outside of the […]

Female Artist Discovery: Σtella

Posted by WUSC on April 19, 2018

Based in Athens, Greece, singer-songwriter and visual artist Σtella (Stella Chronopoulou) fuses the sounds of 80’s pop, disco and modern indie rock to create a unique sound that could dominate the underground indie scene as easily as it could top the Billboard 200. While singles “Detox” and “Picking Words” gained enough airplay to make her debut […]

Album Review: Kali Uchis – Isolation

Posted by WUSC on April 11, 2018

The time has come and Kali Uchis has finally released her debut album, Isolation. This album comes 3 years after her self released EP, Por Vida. Kali Uchis is a grammy nominated artist gaining notoriety for her unique sound, combining elements of early 2000’s R&B, jazz, funk and reggaeton into a more modern sound. Since […]

SXSW Female Artist Discovery: Sudan Archives

Posted by WUSC on April 4, 2018

When she was 17, Brittany Parks started going by the name Sudan. 6 years later, she is known as Sudan Archives: singer/songwriter, violinist and producer. Blending R&B, experimental electronic and Sudanese fiddling, she shows a range and ability that is hard to find in pop music. Using nothing but a loop station, a violin and […]

Biweekly Bio: Rosie James

Posted by WUSC on April 4, 2018

         Behold the first Biweekly Bio!  In this new portion of the WUSC Blog, we interview a member of the DJ body and give you guys a sneaky peek of the people behind the voices you hear on air.  This week, the spotlight is on Rosie James. A DJ and valued volunteer […]

Album Review: Hockey Dad – Blend Inn

Posted by WUSC on April 3, 2018

Hockey Dad was founded in 2013 in New South Wales, Australia and have been on the climb to success ever since. The duo, Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, have know each other since 1999 and thank goodness for that because these guys are absolutely incredible. They have previously released an EP, Dreamin’, in 2014 and […]

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