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Posted on August 6, 2020


Throwback Thursday: An Interview with Ghastly

by Nick Gerace This interview was originally published October 10, 2019 Ghastly is undoubtedly one of the most underrated artists in EDM. Known for his diverse production and shows, David Lee Crow is one of the fastest rising house and bass music talents to be a part of some of the most acclaimed electronic music […]

Posted on July 28, 2020


Playlist: Summer K-pop with K8

by K8 // Kate Bothe This summer WUSC does not have a K-pop show, so I’m giving you guys the K-pop hook up right here on the blog! Despite complications from coronavirus, the K-pop industry is still working hard and kind of thriving this summer. We got some epic solos from Chung Ha, Sunmi, AleXa […]

Posted on July 26, 2020


The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 2 – Meet Chico!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 Welcome back to another installment of WUSC’s series of blog post in which we share with you our sources of joy in a cold, cruel world. Today’s very good boy comes to us from DJ Tracy, who would like us all to meet Chico. Says DJ Tracy: Meet Chico. […]

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