Jenna Sweetman

Program Director


Major and Minor if applicable:
Film and Media Studies


Tell us about your show!
My show is called The Drive In and I play movie soundtracks and scores! During my show I give plenty of facts about the movies that I do each week as well as talk about how the music relates to the movie. I’ve always been a fan of movies and I love sharing my love with all of you!


Favorite Artist(s)?
The White Stripes, The Beatles


Favorite Movie(s)?
Almost Famous, Ratatouille


Favorite Pokémon?


If you were in a zombie apocalypse what 3 celebs would you want with you?
Jensen Ackles, Simon Pegg, Sarah Michelle Gellar


Anything else?
I am super excited being the Program Director! I have plenty of fun ideas for the upcoming school year. Movies have always been a passion of mine and if you ever want to talk about them or just talk in general please reach out to me at @jennaxsweet or @thedrivein90.5 on Instagram!

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