Maddie Zediker - Associate Director of Training - Photo

Maddie Zediker – Associate Director of Training

Maddie Zediker

Associate Director of Training

What do you do in your role on WUSC’s staff?
Train all the baby DJs and help with recruiting

Degree(s) and Major(s)/Minor(s)
Pharm.D. and B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

What’s your DJ name?
DJ Angel Hair

Tell us about your show!
We play a whole mix of music from pop punk, ska, EDM, anime openers, and covers!

Share your social media links and show playlists here!
Instagram: @mychemicalrave

What got you into college radio?
I wanted to be like Becca from Pitch Perfect, so my first week of freshman year, I went to the org fair and signed the interest sheet for WUSC!

What are your favorite parts of working for WUSC? Do you have a favorite WUSC memory?
Being able to train and become friends with all the babies! Memory: Meeting my cohost, he had the show after me freshman year first semester and he came right into my show and scared me bad since it was late at night and he had a full grown beard so I thought he was on exec, turns out he was a freshman like me and we’ve been cohosting ever since!

Do you plan to continue working in the music or entertainment industry, or in the media, after you graduate?
Sadly no 🙁

Who are your favorite artists?
5sos, My Chemical Rave, Ricky Montgomery, Abba

What are some of your favorite concerts? Any artists you’d like to see live?
5sos!!! I’ve seen them 5 times now, most recently in Charlotte in July!

Do you have any favorite venues or festivals, or are there any venues or festivals that you’d like to check out?
House of Blues Chicago is my fav venue, it has the coolest interior design, go look it up!!

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
Thin Mint

What’s your favorite color?

What’s the coolest feature that you’d add to your dream house?
giant barbie dreamhouse like closet thingie with a giant vanity for my makeup and racks and racks for my y2k clothes of my dreams

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