Biweekly Bios: Katie McCain!

In this weekly portion of the blog, we feature a member of the DJ body to give you guys a sneak peek of the people behind the voices you hear on air. This week, the spotlight is on DJ Miss Behavin’, a DJ since the fall of 2019! She has her specialty blues/oldies show Jazz Slam every Tuesday from 10AM-12PM! Listen or “be a rhombus.”

Name: Katie McCain!

DJ Name: DJ Miss Behavin’

Show Description: Jazz, blues, and oldies with poetry here and there

Year & Major: Senior bio major

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies Outside of Radio: Crocheting, watching movies, and hiking

What ya been listening to most these days? Lake Street Drive

Best moment with WUSC: All the parties

First Concert Experience: The Cheetah Girls

Favorite spot in Columbia: The booth!

Music Dislikes: Anything by Maroon 5 after 2005

Random thing: When I was 5 I had a dream where I was kidnapped by an orange T-Rex in a police officer’s uniform and he ripped the skin off my back and hung it on a wall, and I still remember it vividly to this day.

Strong end note. We love Songs About Jane too. Follow her on Instagram here!