Chappell Roan’s New Single “Naked In Manhattan”

by Bel Shields // DJ Placebo

Chappell Roan Album Cover.

It’s finally here! If you are anything like me, you’ve been excitedly waiting for Chappell Roan her latest pop banger, “Naked in Manhattan.” The song perfectly captures what it can be like to be a young queer woman experiencing a romantic relationship for the first time. This song is the perfect follow-up to “Pink Pony Club”, a similarly upbeat anthem for queer identity. Both songs talk about how it feels to deal with the newness of your queer identity when it becomes to be realized.

In “Pink Pony Club” she sings about leaving home to dance in the gay clubs of West Hollywood. The poppy techno music is juxtaposed against the heartfelt lyrics about handling your family relationships while becoming the truest form of yourself. “Naked in Manhattan” is the next step in self-actualization.

I had the opportunity to interview Chappell a few weeks ago and her personality perfectly matches the energy of the music she puts out. You can tell when you’re listening to a Chappell Roan song that it is 100% authentic to who she is and I trust that alone will be the reason for her fame. When you listen to her songs you know you’re listening to someone who is on the cusp of really making it big.  I’m so excited to see what she does next!