DJ Bio: Conner Chaplin!

In this weekly portion of the blog, we feature a member of the DJ body to give you guys a sneak peek of the people behind the voices you hear on air. This is a DJ bio!

This week, the spotlight is on Conner Chaplin, a member of WUSC since 8/27/2021! Very exact. He has his freeform show with DJ Cellophane The Castle in the Air 10-12 every Sunday night!

Meet Conner:

DJ Name: DJ Hemlock

Show Description: Chaotic and too much talking

Year & Major: Sophomore, Political science

Hometown: Lexington, VA

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hobbies Outside of Radio: Making MS paint stuff

What ya been listening to most these days? Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Guilty Pleasure Listening: Fruit Salad by The Wiggles

Best Moment with WUSC: The big/little reveal party

Favorite Gem You’ve Found In The Music Library: Pip Blom

First Concert Experience: Arctic Monkeys 2018 in Raleigh

Favorite Columbia Spot: The Riverfront Park

Hot Take: The sun is overrated

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