FROM THE VAULT: Grey Egg- Indoor Ski (2007)

by WUSC Blog Staff

In this series, we feature CDs from our very own music library reviewed by DJs past and present. This week’s feature is former local band Grey Egg with their 2007 album release Indoor Ski. Rest assured, the four-piece was not just another indie band. They’re original and avant-garde, once self-dubbed as, “that sweet spot between Schnittke and your mother’s lullabies.” There is also some incredible throat chanting on this. Listen to the album for yourself here and let us know in the comments if you agree with this DJ’s review!

ARTIST: Grey Egg

TITLE: Indoor Ski


What did you think? Let us know below! And check out the former lead singer Julia Elliot’s books! She’s still very active in the community as an educator and artist.