Interview: Zero & VEIL

Posted by WUSC on October 21, 2020

by Zero // The Bass Ship Earlier this month, I got to talk with the next big name in bass music. Formerly known as spacegeishA, VEIL has been making waves in the scene long before her exciting new moniker development. From label manager of Street Ritual, to making the Coachella 2020 lineup, and being the […]

The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 14 – Meet Beaux!

Posted by WUSC on October 18, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 Hello! Hi! How are you? It’s a beautiful Sunday, so it’s the perfect time to visit with a beautiful young man. Meet DJ Blue’s good boy, Beaux! Says Beaux, via DJ Blue: hello everyone! I am DJ Blue’s Goldendoodle, Beaux. when I’m not jamming to Passport Playlist every Saturday […]

Playlist: Pennsylvania DIY with Josie

Posted by WUSC on October 16, 2020

by Josie // The Potluck Cheesesteak. Hershey (The Sweetest Place on Earth). The Liberty Bell. Fallingwater. The Amish. Pennsylvania is the birthplace of some of America’s finest artistic works, okay? That is why it is no surprise that DIY artists in Pennsylvania are, in fact, bringing baked ziti to the potluck (in a good way). From […]

The Pets of WUSC, Vol. 13 – Meet Luna!

Posted by WUSC on October 11, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 It’s Sunday and it’s black cat season, so you know your favorite WUSC DJs have some ruthless preciousness in store. Today we get to meet Kodak Slack’s feline huntress, Luna! Says Kodak Slack: This is my beautiful black kitty, Luna! I’ve had her for about 2 months now and […]

Interview: Ravenscoon & Zero

Posted by WUSC on October 6, 2020

by Nick Gerace // Zero I recently had the pleasure to do a brief interview with bass music producer and DJ, Ravenscoon. Emphasizing versatility and mindfulness, Paul Conversano has been making a name for himself with diverse mixes and hypnotizing tracks. On top of making many appearances on online festivals and livestreams, releasing his first […]

The Pets of WUSC – Vol. 12, The Ballsack Boys

Posted by WUSC on October 4, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 lol oh my god, it’s the Ballsack Boys. Every Sunday, you’re treated to a look at your favorite WUSC DJs’ furry/scaly companions. Today’s a special one. We get to meet a couple of less traditional but no less precious critters, a father-son rat pair named Pinky and Stinky, often […]

Review: Deftones – Ohms

Posted by WUSC on October 2, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 Twenty-four-ish years into my tenure as a fan, it feels asinine to make any kind of judgment call on a new Deftones record without taking a few weeks to live in it. And I say this in the wake of being twenty-one-ish years into my tenure as a Deftones […]

The Pets of WUSC, Vol. 11 – Meet Ripley!

Posted by WUSC on September 27, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 Hope you’re ready for some Sunday pet action, and I hope you’re ready to be overloaded by preciousness. Because today, you get to meet my dog, my homie, my ESA, Ellen Ripley. Ripley came from a litter of puppies my sister’s dog had back in 2012. She’ll be eight […]

Album Review: Gus Dapperton’s Orca

Posted by WUSC on September 22, 2020

by Groove Girl // PB & Jams Gus Dapperton is an underrated indie artist on the rise. With his distinctive gravelly voice, effortlessly bold persona, and poetic lyrics, Dapperton took the indie world by storm with his first album Where Polly People Go To Read in 2019. Dapperton’s sophmore album, Orca, was released this past […]

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