My Chemical Rave’s Biggest Hits with DJ Angel Hair

Posted by WUSC on December 28, 2020

by DJ Angel Hair // My Chemical Rave Enjoying the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s Day? Getting bored yet? Need something to break up the monotony? Worry not, because DJ Angel Hair’s got you. Check out this Spotify playlist of some of her favorite stuff from she and DJ Daus’s show, My Chemical […]

Peace.Out.2020 : A Holiday Playlist with Tracy

Posted by WUSC on December 24, 2020

by DJ Tracy I need a little extra gas this time of year to find my Holiday Spirit. End of 2020 joy-kills like the compulsory Zoom office party, the post office waiting line, and the looming specter of boredom/solitude have made the Holiday Spirit extra slippery. Shopping online and eating all the cookies are quality go-tos, but they only […]

Interview: Zero chats with Murkury

Posted by WUSC on December 14, 2020

by Zero // The Bass Ship Co-founder of The Undergrowth Collective and deep-frequency wizard, Murkury, has had a very busy 2020. From playing some of the most unique online events, continuing to put out music on labels such as the Headroom Music Collective and crafting some of the most intricate mixes in the underground, Alec […]

Interview: JAWNY on His New Project, “For Abby”

Posted by WUSC on December 11, 2020

by Kodak Slack // The Indie 500 After releasing his new project For Abby, I had the opportunity to interview JAWNY about the process of creating the album, being an artist, and many other topics, including air fryers. Since JAWNY is from South Carolina, we also discussed the Clemson/Gamecocks rivalry and which team prefers (hint: […]

Interview: Zero chats with Super Future

Posted by WUSC on December 7, 2020

by Zero // The Bass Ship After close to a year of back and forth and anticipation, I was finally able to sit down with one of the fastest growing acts in the bass music community. Super Future, AKA Nick Rowland, is far from a stranger to fans of the ever-evolving hybrid bass genre. With […]

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