Interview: Babe Club chats with Manny & Groove Girl

Posted by WUSC on June 10, 2021

The Charleston based alt-pop group Babe Club chats with Manny & Groove Girl about their music process, inspirations for their latest song, and the story behind the band’s creation. Babe Club performed at their first show since the pandemic at the New Brooklyn tavern on Thursday night. Also performing at the fully-female led lineup was […]

Album Review: Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

Posted by WUSC on June 5, 2021

by Groove Girl // PB & Jams The spirit behind the indie rock powerhouse Japanese Breakfast is Michelle Zauner. The 32 year-old half-Korean singer is a creative dynamo, having dipped her toes in a multitude of fields, such as the music, literary and directing world, among others. The self professed “workaholic,” which she attributes to […]

Album Review: Taylor Swift – folklore/evermore

Posted by WUSC on June 3, 2021

by Fluffy Cat // Alumni DJ Before listening to Taylor Swift’s albums folklore and evermore, I had dismissed Taylor Swift’s work as something that did not suit my aesthetic tastes. I did appreciate her early work as a kid in the country music scene, but I had felt that she had sold out. Albums such […]

Album Review: Lord Huron – Long Lost

Posted by WUSC on May 31, 2021

by Fluffy Cat // Alumni DJ I have been waiting for a new album from Lord Huron for a while now. Ever since hearing “Fool for Love” and “The Night We Met” on the Palm (former Columbia radio station 92.1 WWNU) back in 2015, I have fallen in love with how this band has crafted […]

Album Review: The Black Keys – Delta Kream

Posted by WUSC on May 28, 2021

by Fluffy Cat // Alumni DJ Sometimes, going back to one’s roots is one of the best ways to find oneself. It’s a common trope in storytelling. The kid from the country who moved to the city to find a better life, goes back to their parent’s farm to learn a lot about themselves. It […]

Concert Review: Briston Maroney & Mt. Joy

Posted by WUSC on May 27, 2021

by Groove Girl // PB & Jams As I stepped out of my friend’s Chevrolet, I thought about how strange it felt to be back on a random field in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hundreds of people (outdoor shows sound weird out of context.) I haven’t seen a real live show in over […]

Single Review: Frank Turner’s “The Gathering”

Posted by WUSC on May 14, 2021

by Fluffy Cat // Alumni DJ Frank Turner is back at it again with the release of his new single “The Gathering.” This British folk-punk artist has been slowly leaking tracks acoustically through his “Independent Venue Love” livestreams on YouTube, but this is the first release of an ‘official’ track since his collaboration with Jon […]

Will Billy Strings Change The Future of Bluegrass?

Posted by WUSC on April 19, 2021

by Tuba // The Crowded Bathroom Show I recently saw Billy Strings in concert at the Columbia Historic Speedway and it got me thinking: with a new prominent bluegrass performer on the rise, what does the genre have in store for the future? His album Home (2020) won the Grammy award for Best Bluegrass Album, […]

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