Thanksgiving 2020 Jams: Pass The Gravy with Keller

Posted by WUSC on November 25, 2020

by Keller // David and Keller I started working on a Thanksgiving playlist and managed to put together a pretty remarkable set of songs about nudity, stabbing and hot dogs, but after sharing the awesome mix with David, it was pointed out to me that I was confusing Thanksgiving with Christmas. A classic 2020 move. […]

Playlist: K-Pop Party with K8

Posted by WUSC on November 11, 2020

by K8 // Origami K-Pop Party is a playlist with all your favorite songs you know, along with all the deep cuts you should know. Makes for a boppin’ and vibey time! Though some biases do apply, this list does a good job of balancing out between different groups and different eras in K-Pop; there’s […]

Playlist: An Un-Death Halloween with Schuler

Posted by WUSC on October 31, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, and fall is easily my favorite time of year. This one’s been particularly interesting for me. While the tension in our country is as palpable as I can remember it being during my lifetime (yes, I thought through that before writing it, and […]

Interview: Pony Hole

Posted by WUSC on October 26, 2020

by DJ Purp // The Crowded Bathroom Show I had the privilege to do an interview with the band Pony Hole about their newest album, Guns and Gold. I got to ask a couple questions to the two main singers and songwriters, David and Gio. I first asked them if they could introduce themselves a […]

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