The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 10 – Meet Louie!

Posted by WUSC on September 20, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 It is Sunday. The sun is shining. The sky is clear. It’s September and it feels a whole lot like fall, which is maybe the first miracle of the year in South Carolina. Why not celebrate with some adorable kitty action? Courtesy of WUSC’s K8, meet Louie! Says K8: […]

Playlist: Best COVID Dream with JByrd

Posted by WUSC on September 18, 2020

by JByrd // Bird Vibe Although the state of the world is something of a nightmare scenario, there’s been no shortage of really good music released since the pandemic began. WUSC’s resident shoegaze/dreampop aficionado, JByrd, has the dreamy & distorted playlist to glide you into the weekend. Be sure to check him out on Bird […]

Playlist: Being & Colors with DJ Bear

Posted by WUSC on September 15, 2020

by DJ Bear // The Hallows So, I’ve had this idea recently. Themed sets with playlists that make you feel things. I want to feel colors. It’s like that scene in Ratatouille, when Remy is trying to teach his brother about food and he’s giving his brother things to try and asking him how they […]

WUSC 101: Ezra Furman

Posted by WUSC on September 11, 2020

by Groove Girl // PB & Jams A spirited conglomeration of indie, punk rock, and art pop; Ezra Furman is a hidden gem in the world of music, slowly emerging into the limelight they so rightfully deserve. Every album they have produced is personal, raw, and tortured in its own way. This is music that […]

Me & Bobby McGee: A DJ Tracy Playlist

Posted by WUSC on September 10, 2020

by DJ Tracy For you melophiles, because you love to know: before Kris Kristofferson wrote “Me and Bobby McGee,” he was a Rhodes Scholar with a degree in English Lit, he was an army Ranger, and ultimately he became a songwriter hoping it would lead to being a novelist. About the song, here’s what he […]

The Pets of WUSC – Vol. 8: Meet Ziggy & Jinx!

Posted by WUSC on September 6, 2020

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5 How are you? Are you paying attention? Maskless undergrads in crowded bars outside of town. Inadequate testing facilities. No fall weather anywhere in the FutureCast… It certainly seems like we’re on the precipice of total collapse here at sunny U of SC. Might as well have a little Sunday […]

RSD 2020 Recap with Kodak Slack & DJ Sebass

Posted by WUSC on September 2, 2020

by Kodak Slack // The Indie 500 Saturday morning. 7:30am. Fellow DJ Sebass and I head to one of our favorite record stores, Scratch N’ Spin for Record Store Day (RSD).The line to get into the store was about 20 people, not too bad. What am I on the hunt for? A coveted new release, […]

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