Artist Spotlight: Bear Ley

Posted by WUSC on July 6, 2020

by DJ Bear // The Hallows (Friday, noon-1PM) Previous Long Islander and lifelong musician Louis Rubino has been playing instruments and writing music since he was five years old. He’s a jack of all trades (later in this article: the million things he is studying) and can play piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, various wind instruments […]

Feel-Good 4th Jams with Ebony Dionne

Posted by WUSC on July 4, 2020

by Ebony Dionne // Holla If You Hear Me Hey, y’all! So, this week’s playlist I wanted it to be all about the feel good jams. Because feel good music can be a wide range of things. It can be mellow and smooth, like the feeling of riding in your car with the top down. […]

Vinylthon 2020: The Grand Vin-ale with DJ D

Posted by WUSC on June 30, 2020

by DJ D // Dark Entries: Goth Radio Hi, kids. DJ D from Dark Entries: Goth Radio here. Like most of you, I have spent the last few months finding inventive ways to fill the time and take my mind off of, well, everything. In that spirit, while redesigning my office the other day, I […]

Vinylthon 2020: Top 5 with DJ Bear

Posted by WUSC on June 29, 2020

by DJ Bear // The Hallows (FRIDAYS, noon – 1PM) Be sure to check out DJ Bear’s vinyl origins HERE! DJ Bear’s Top 5: Sinatra: A Man and His Music by Frank Sinatra Allah Las California by the Allah Las The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd Rumours by Fleetwood Mac Abbey Road […]

Playlist: Birthday Turn-Up’s with Ebony

Posted by WUSC on June 27, 2020

by Ebony Dionne // Holla If You Hear Me Well, this week’s playlist is inspired by the celebration of my birthday (which is today!!). You know it’s always about the turn up when it comes to birthdays. Given this awesome occasion, I gathered my top turn up songs that gets me in a birthday mood. […]

Vinylthon 2020: Vinyl Initiation with DJ Bear

Posted by WUSC on June 25, 2020

by DJ Bear // The Hallows (EVERY FRIDAY FROM 12-1PM) My vinyl story has two parts- it starts with my mom’s love of it before she had me, and continues when I reintroduced it into our family around five years ago. So, many, many years ago, my mom invested in a sweet turntable and speaker […]

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