Interview: Pylon Reenactment Society!

by the WUSC Blog Staff

In this featured interview ahead of the CMA’s Arts & Draughts party on April 22nd, DJ Mercury sits down with some members of the Athens-based rock band Pylon Reenactment Society ahead of their performance! Together they cover the band’s discography over the last 15 years, their past as experimental artists, playing at the best music festival in Barcelona, and a ton more. If you’d like to see them perform, come on out to Arts & Draughts on April 22nd!

Keep up with PRS on social media! And you can buy tickets to see them at the CMA’s Arts & Draughts party here.

Our blog is involved in an unofficial collaboration with CMA (which includes a ticket giveaway to their Arts & Draughts party on our social media and press passes to the event)