Listen to the Show: PB & Jams

by DJ T-Roy & Groove Girl // PB & Jams

With a year of us co-hosting the show in separate rooms, feeling slightly jumbled and disconnected, unable to look each-other in the eye while making a Spy Kids reference to know if the other one got the joke, PB & Jams is back to normal, or, normal-ish. It was our first show this past Wednesday, and we had a good old time spinning new cds, sharing summer tales and basking in excitement for our very-soon excursion to Manchester, TN to experience Bonnaroo.

If ya missed it, never fear, the whole show is available to listen down below, a rare whenever-you-please streaming gift of indie jams, featuring sweet summer selections like Japanese Breakfast’s “Paprika” and “Dream Girl” by No Vacation.

Feel free to tune in next week to hear PB & Jams live on Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm! And keep up with PB & Jams on their Instagram!

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