Playlist: An Un-Death Halloween with Schuler

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, and fall is easily my favorite time of year. This one’s been particularly interesting for me. While the tension in our country is as palpable as I can remember it being during my lifetime (yes, I thought through that before writing it, and I stand by it), a lot of really cool stuff has been happening in my life. Most relevant to this post is the fact that I’m now splitting my time between Columbia and Washington DC; for this lifelong Southerner, what that means is getting to experience actual, real fall weather during actual, real fall… a true rarity for someone who’s lived where I’ve lived. Additionally, between writing a dissertation, teaching two classes, taking a class, and doing my WUSC show, I’ve been able to make time for a horror movie every night of the month. I’m also pretty strict with my diet year-round so I can afford to go apeshit on fall snacks during October, and I have excelled excessively over the last 31 days.

On the music front, I spend most of the year listening to stuff about murder, torture, and supernatural malevolence, and October is no different. However when it starts to cool off outside, I get the itch to peek out from my death metal hiding hole and listen to some stuff with a little more melody and melancholy. And today, that’s what I have for you. Here’s an un-death playlist to help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Hoping that meaningful change is in store in the coming days, but tempering that hope with world-weary, cynical reservation, I wish you a Happy Halloween. Take what small comforts you can. No matter what happens, the worst is yet to come.

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