Playlist: Goth Summer 2020

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which we typically see as the gateway to summer. And it’s no coincidence that World Goth Day fell this past Friday, May 22nd; summer & goth jams go together like black lipstick stains and glasses of red wine. So we hit up our resident expert, DJ D of WUSC’s Dark Entries: Goth Radio, to furnish us with a playlist of all things sinister & sweaty.

Says DJ D: “Let’s face it, kids. Summer 2020 may be one of the strangest summers we’ve ever faced. From plagues to quarantines to longing for better times, all the ingredients are there to have the most Goth summer ever. So sit back, light some candles, sip some absinthe, and revel in a collection of tunes about isolation, the ticking away of time, and yearning for the beach. Because if there ever was a time for the summer sun to be eclipsed by a little fun darkness, it’s now. Enjoy!”

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