The Pets of WUSC: Vol. 7 – Meet Abby!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

You know you need that Sunday WUSC DJ pet fix, and today we’ve got some unparalleled preciousness courtesy of Album Club host and WUSC webmaster, D#. This is Abby! Says D#:

This is Abby. She’s about 3, and when we rescued her back leg was broken, but it has since fully healed. She follows my mom around everywhere and is very talkative around dinner time. Sometimes when she gets too excited she starts digging holes in the backyard. She listens to classic rock and modern country; unfortunately she’s a boomer at heart.

Unfortunate music taste notwithstanding, Abby is a perfect baby angel and we’re lucky to have her in our lives. Thanks again to D#. Be sure to hit up his socials, and check out Album Club every Saturday from noon to 2PM on your very favorite college radio station.

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