The Pets of WUSC: Volume 1 – Meet Sugar!

by Schuler // Death Drive 90.5

The world is on fire, and one of the only things that makes sense anymore is the joy and comfort we get from our animal companions. On that note, WUSC is proud to introduce a new weekly series here on the blog: The Pets of WUSC. Swing by every Sunday to be introduced to the furry/feathered/scaly friends of your favorite WUSC DJs. This is, without a doubt, the purest content you’ll see today. Thank you. And you’re welcome.

Our first featured pet is a very good girl by the name of Sugar, whose human, Kodak Slack, has blessed us with some precious pics and some words about this canine hero. Says Kodak Slack:

This is Sugar! She is a German Shepherd, about 13 years old, and her birthday is February 14th (Valentine’s Day). She loves playing with balloons and sleeping! Sugar is a big fan of classic rock, specifically The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

Sugar rules, and we do not deserve her. Big thanks to Kodak Slack for getting the ball rolling on this crucial new content; be sure to tune in to her show, The Indy 500, every Friday from 1-2 PM all summer long. See you next Sunday for more Pets of WUSC!

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