Throwing Saturday Morning Shapes with Keller

by Keller // David and Keller

I thought this Sunday was Father’s Day. It’s not. It’s next Sunday. That’s great news for you guys who were mistaken like me, because it means you now have an entire week to stop by Walgreen’s to pick up some piece of shit that you can toss at your old man next Sunday morning. So take a load off.

The bad news is I spent most of the week working on a playlist about dads. When I realized my error, I had to scramble to throw something together to keep David from beating on my door all, “Where’s the money, Lebowski?!” David can be extremely demanding. And he’s much stronger than he looks.

Lucky for me, I keep a bunch of prospective playlists in my Spotify account. Think of them as idea boards without the sticky notes or the annoying idiot in your office who adds horrible ideas to the board. I’ll hear a few songs that have a common element (in their titles) and then create a folder of sorts for them. I’ll then collect songs and file them into their appropriate folder whenever I hear one that fits one of those speculative playlists. I have a lot of these half-baked playlists. The problem is it takes a lot of time to curate them, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the Paul Simon from the Art Garfunkel. I wish I had more time, but the whole Father’s Day thing happened. I hope you understand, David.

So, for this week, instead of songs about dads, I thought I’d throw something together related to shapes. Like the shapes you learned about in geometry class or in pre-K. Tons of circles. A few triangles. A rhombus or two.

I didn’t include Mac Miller’s or Post Malone’s “Circles.” Miller’s album of the same title is one of my favorites of the past 6 months, by the way. Do yourself a favor and listen to it if you have not already. And Post Malone’s song is similar to one I talk about next week (“Father Figure”) in that I think it’s a nearly perfect pop song. Really freaking good. But you can hear it on every station in Columbia these days, so there’s no point in including it. I also didn’t include any Storybots songs. You laugh, but they are great for mixing into this set in tiny snippets, and I would do that if we were in the studio. That way you’d be subjected to only 15 seconds or so of the odd tunes. Alas, we are still quarantined, and the only way to get you music is to put it all, unadulterated, into a playlist. I would not force you to listen to a minute-plus of a Storybots song unless I knew you were really high or five years old. Because marijuana is still illegal in South Carolina and you are reading this, I am assuming you are neither.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the songs when you see me at Walgreen’s. But keep your damn distance.

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