Our Weekly Top 30 Chart // 08.31.21

Welcome fellow music lovers! If you have no idea what charts are and you clicked to find out, let’s dive in:

Charts are the top 30 most played, and recently released, albums of the past week that every college radio station in the country reports to the North American College and Community (or NACC). This particular chart is special and specific to WUSC. Our music director, Jonas, puts it together by looking back at our playlist log to determine the top 30 plays. That usually means that the top album is the most popular among DJs currently.

That number one most played album for us DJs this week was….662 by Christine “Kingfish” Ingram, a grammy-nominated blues singer.

Listen to our Top 30 Chart below!

Check out the national chart here, which combines the top plays of radio stations across the country.