Underrated Artist: Danny and Alex

Danny and Alex

By Noelle Shortreed // DJ Scuba Steve 

Danny Scordato and Alex Merrill are a pop-funk duo based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Danny and Alex are more than just another boy band who draws their inspiration from 80’s music; over a span of twelve years, the two went from middle school best friends to writing, producing, and performing their own unique tunes. With their first EP released in just 2018, Grand Slam, Thank You Ma’am, the duo has gained over twenty-three thousand Instagram followers. 

So, what makes Danny and Alex so unique? 

Danny and Alex have a loyal fan base of roughly seventy thousand monthly listeners which they call chromosomes, or chromies. This nickname is a pun off of their names, DNA. Danny and Alex’s geeky style has attracted thousands, and we aren’t just talking about their music. The two are most known by their fans for wearing turtlenecks in all of their pictures and to every event they play; they even encourage their listeners to come in turtlenecks to really connect with one another. 

Grand Slam, Thank You Ma’am 

Released back in 2018, Grand Slam, Thank You Ma’am was Danny and Alex’s first EP which consists of four coming of age songs. Mrs. Mashay follows the story of love affair between a student and his teacher which was inspired by a crush Danny had on his third-grade teacher. Who’s been smoking you out? is about checking in on an ex who has moved on to be with (and smoke with) someone else. 4/4 is simply about their love for writing music and writing it about their past experiences. Laundry is all about getting over heart break and moving on both physically and mentally. Since the release of their first EP, Danny and Alex have released five singles, and have teased more music and concerts coming in 2020. 

With new music, new venues, and new turtlenecks, we can anticipate the chromies to explode in numbers over the next year. Keep an eye out for some new music, rumored to be released soon.

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